How to handle multiple sits for similar dates

If I’ve applied for 3 sits, all around the same dates but there’s one that fits my dates perfectly (but it’s also the last one I applied for) is it acceptable to tell the HO that I have another sit pending and would like to know if they are interested in inviting me? I wouldn’t want to accept one for 4 days when there’s one for 7 days and exactly the 7 days I want. Does anyone here mention that to the HO after applying?

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You can certainly tell a HO you are considering another sit but I expect many will choose another sitter.
I accept the first sit offered to me. I then withdraw from any other sits and send a message to the other HO’s explaining I’ve now accepted another sit.


You can apply for as many sits as you like with similar dates, and no need to tell the HOs this. However, once you are confirmed by the HO to sit and you accept you are morally obliged to do that sit and not withdraw because another sit has come up that you prefer.


We frequently apply for sits around the same time, or that have overlapping dates. Especially in the UK with so much choice. We usually then confirm on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Since you have a particular favourite in mind try to establish contact with them as quickly as possible to see if its going to be a possible match. If you have not yet had direct contact with the other hosts, or if you are still in the messaging/question phase then no need to tell them anything yet. But the minute you confirm a sit its appropriate to immediately withdraw any overlapping applications with a polite note explaining why.
If you’ve already agreed another sit you should remain with that one as you’ve made a commitment (even if its not legally binding contract) The grass may look greener elsewhere- but it might not actually be! :rofl:
Just let go of the other possibilities!
If you’ve had a call with a host but not yet confirmed, don’t keep them waiting too long while you wait for the favoured host to respond! You have to be tactful and sensitive but at the same time consider your own needs first! Sometimes it can be a bit of a juggling act!


Its certainly acceptable to let them know that, I have had people let me know that before and its helpful for me as well.

oh my…I have never applied for several sits around the same dates. I choose one and hope it works out. I did not KNOW one could do this.

As a sitter I would not tell them. There are many more sitters than house sits. Any indication that you might be complicated and they’ll simply choose someone else. Plus every host wants to feel they’re your first choice.

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I personally wouldn’t necessarily mention in my application that I had applied for other sits but once I had further communication ( video call usually) if I wanted to go ahead I would be honest and say I have applied for other sits but you are my first choice .

When we first joined THS we applied for one sit at a time . We had the situation where a HO said that they we looked like a perfect fit and they would like a video call with us . We replied immediately to say that we were available for a video call giving several days and times and our WhatsApp number ,we never heard from them again . We sent follow up messages a week later and then a week later and then when a month had passed with no communication we decided to apply for other sits. Now if more than one sit comes up for the dates we’re available we will apply for multiple sits.

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