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@Betsy I agree with you and @Freebird. Also, I have a saved search that sends me a daily email. When I click on the bottom of that email (today’s example below):

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 7.51.54 PM

it doesn’t take me to the new sits, but rather to the recommended sits. I then have to go to the ‘select by’ filter and select the newest. 'This is definitely misleading, and yet another instance of being controlling on the part of TrustedHousesitters.


I find this very patronizing. Does THS really think that it knows what we want better than we do? This filter has just started showing on my page today and it is really irritating - like so many of the alleged “improvements” that shall not be named :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Lassie I feel the same way!

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Hi @Snowbird, this morning I have those filters so combined memberships have obviously received this update! Do I want to see “Recommended” sits first though?? No! Simple process with one click to change to “New” though.


You can do this if you bookmark the website with those filters set. This is what I did, and here is the URL: House Sitting |

Very cool, thanks!

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Very clever, @Lassie!

But yes, it would be great if saved searches also included the “sort by” selection. It just seems natural from the user’s perspective. Tagging @Ben-ProductManager.

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Lassie, I tried that but that filter is not saving on my ipad book mark unfortunately. It does work when I directly click from your link.

When I seach for New York City I’m so tired of seeing Connecticut and New Jersey listings. Often 30 miles from NYC.
If they are not NYC they should be not showing up. If I want to explore whats nearby I’ll open the map. NYC is Manhattan and the other boroughs.

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@Ben-ProductManager . When I get to the “not looking for a sitter” heading shouldn’t I see ALL the “reviewing” listings before I start seeing the listings that haven’t been looking in months". As of now the “reviewing” listings are mixed in with the other not lookings.

Love the relisted & last minute options. Like the new, if in fact they are new and not boosted old ones that get the new label.

Thanks Ben, much appreciated.

Tobhelp my understanding, are the new ones actually new, or are they the old ones where premium members can boost to the top using the NEW tag?

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I saved the filters I wanted (new, duration, pets) on my iPad, created a new THS bookmark, then deleted the old one. A bit fiddly, but it works fine now. No more ‘recommended’!