Question for people familiar with NYC surrounding areas

I am looking to book a sit in the coming weeks near NYC, or the Hamptons (ideally). I will have my car so don’t want to be in Manhattan or anywhere that it’s difficult to find a place to park. Can anyone suggest where I should watch for? Maybe New Jersey? Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Hi @SoloTraveler You might find this helpful and I’m sure our members will have lots of advice on this too …

Manhattan is one of the busiest boroughs in New York City, and finding affordable Manhattan parking is always a challenge.

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Sits in Jersey City, Hoboken or Weehawkin are a short train ride to NYC but it still might be very hard to park there. A better option, if you want to have your car, is to take a North Jersey or Long Island sit that is near the train station to NYC.

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Great info- thank you!

You can also look North into Westchester county which has very beautiful towns and you can take the train into the city for day trips if you like. Avg commute is about an hour.


Agree. Try looking at sits north of the city along the Hudson River.

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Long Island, NY (where I’m from) gives you access to New York City by train and its beautiful east end by car. The Hamptons and ocean beaches are on the South Fork, and dozens of wineries and farm stands dot the North Fork.
Right now I see a sit in April at the beginning of the North Fork, that would easily let you drop down to the South one for the Hamptons.
From there, I would drive west to one of the main railroad stations for a shorter ride into the city.
If you do end up doing this, I’d be happy to provide more info.
Good luck!


I did a 2 week sit at Christmas in Pleasantville, about 50 minutes north by train in Westchester County. (In fact they have a March sit posted now that I’d apply for if I weren’t already sitting in the UK.)
The sit is a short walk to the train station and restaurants and coffee in P’ville. There are things to do in the village and around if you have a car, although a lot of them were closed when I was there because Omicron was surging.
I also sat a week last fall near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I think you could find street parking near that sit, but would have to be mindful of the posted regs. Easy subway ride into Manhattan.

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