Question For The Last Week Of 2020 - Has the pandemic changed full time house sitting?

Are you a full time sitter, with or without a base, a member who was poised to begin your new travel lifestyle adventure or someone who felt ready to “redistribute” all worldly goods and hit the road with a backpack and digital device?

Then COVID happened …

How has it changed you and your plans, perhaps International housesitting will become domestic only … while there’s still much uncertainty there’s positivity and hope also.

Share yours with our community …


The pandemic has completely changed our lives. We have been full time travellers and housesitters for over 5 years with no home if our own but the last few months have been very tough.
With serious restrictions undoubtedly in place for the foreseeable future we are having to reconsider our lifestyles now.

With no housesits coming up and no travel options we have been forced to rent accommodation and call on family for help which is not how we want to live. The coming weeks will be a time for us to make some life-changing decisions.

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:sleepy::sleepy::crying_cat_face::dog2: will all be missing you.
But you will be missed :cry: by them all


We have been full-time international housesitters for over four years. We were at ground zero in Manhattan in March, poised to head to Europe when it hit the fan. Being in Manhattan we saw and felt the full brunt of covid, but avoided getting sick. We retreated to the family for a few months, then got a 6-month sit, which we are about half-way through now. We worry about what’s next as expected but are hopeful despite it all.