Really Disappointed Since Joining

I think you may be asking a little early. We advertised for a sitter for August back in March and it took a long time to find one. However in May I advertised for a sitter in June and got several replies in days. Don’t give up hope, you may be much luckier come August or the end of July. Our last sitters where not looking more than a month ahead.


Hi all.
I am new on THS and had my first sit, though I am still waiting for a review one week now. It was a local sit and I offered to come around, so the owner could feel, if there was a match. I did get around and I got the sit.
My worry is that I had around 20 declines for house sits I really wanted, many owners didn’t even reply.
I had tons of experience with animals with plenty of 5 star reviews where I took care of dogs as in sits and walks for money. I have further 7 references here on THS as well from friends and pet owners, where I took care of their pets. I read all the tips and made my profile attractive.
So I was thinking, is it possible that its a disadvantage to be house sitting as a man only? (the only sit I got was from a gay couple). I can understand owners are choosing a female sitter, because it sounds more safe. Maybe they connect taking care of a pet is like baby sitting. Also there are not so many solo men compared to solo females/couples.
Would it help to set my partner up on my profile, though he can’t travel as often as I can?

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There are other threads that discuss the preferences for women and/or couples. If you search using the magnifying glass icon, you should be able to find them. It does seem to be easier for single women than single men, but there are lots of male housesitters

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Hi @Bcn - Unfortunately, I do think that there is some truth in the fact that it is more difficult for single men to gain the initial trust of home hosts. Reviews are really important so I would give a nudge to the people you just sat for explaining how important the review is to you.

Your listing is great so I think it is just a case of hanging in there, once you have a handful of reviews it will become much easier

Good Luck


@Bcn back in 2020, when we were home owners looking for sitters for our 1 cat, I put up several listings and received various applications. In my mind, I saw a younger woman sitting for us. I did feel quite surprised when we received single male applications, because that is not who I had envisioned in our home! How weird is that? They had great reviews too. Anyway, it is only after joining this forum and seeing all the great male commentary/contributions, that I now realise I would definitely consider a single male going forward.


@ArtistDoug How are you doing now?? it’s been 9 months since your initial post.
I think this site is amazing and I hope you have had better experiences since joining

Hi @Bcn. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues finding sits. I hope the tide turns in your favor soon.

If your partner will join you sometimes on your sits, you should add them to your profile. My husband pet sits about a third of the time with me, so I want pet parents to know his background and the great things he brings to the pet sitting table. Every time I apply for sits, I explain whether he will be joining me or not. That way there are no surprises. And he gets his puppy and kitty time, too.


Thanks Karen, that’s a good point.

Thanks Colin. I wonder, if it would help to add my husband in the profile, though I would travel solo 3/4th of the time, because my freedom from my work. Do you have experience with being solo on your profile and being partnered up?

@Bcn - We are together in our profile and mostly sit together except when we are overlapping by a day or two. It may be worth adding your husband to your profile but explaining on applications that it might be you alone. That then puts you in the ‘couple’ bracket which I do think some hosts are less wary of.


Welome, Doug!
Landing the first sit can be the toughest. I encourage people to take local sits or last minute sites where people are in a pinch to build up your profile reviews. And also building up the number of recommendations be if from past sits, colleagues, etc, although of course they are not as strong as THS reviews.
You’ve got this! Dont’ be discouraged1

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@Bcn definitely add your husband. I sometimes sit solo and so does my other half, so it’s helpful to have the other person on the profile too.

For what it’s worth, I’d pick you as a sitter. You seem like a really nice guy. :blush:


Thanks Pips, very helpful.

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