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Hi everyone,

I was curious if anyone else is running into a similar situation as me where the selection of experienced sitters is limited. Time of year? Ive been a bit disappointed and curious of its just me.

Thanks !

Hi @Sidaleee and welcome. It may partly be time of year as there’s been SO many listings for Christmas-New Year and experienced sitters are usually booked months in advance. However due to the promotion and expansion of THS there are thousands of new members and this is only going to continue so it may be far more difficult now for owners to secure experienced sitters. However we all started off with no experience (owners and sitters), didn’t we?


Thank you! Yes we did start that way. No prejudice here. Just wondering if others experiences this and if they tried to include “ experienced sitters preferred” in their intro.

Thank you!

@Sidaleee I’m an experienced sitter and HO. I don’t do sits within driving distance of where I live. I mostly do international sits. I have a senior dog myself and use a paid sitter for her when I travel.

I am not taking sits right now. The cost of air travel has become prohibitive. Add the cost of my own dogs care and it just doesn’t make sense.

I’d put a lot of stock in references for a less experienced sitter. Have them come the day before.

It would make me less inclined to apply.

@Sidaleee it’s entirely your choice . If you decide to exclude new sitters you may find you end up with no applicants at all , as there are far more sits than sitters available.

A sitter who has just recently joined THS (and therefore no reviews ) may have lots of experience outside of the THS platform .

We are very grateful to the first four owners who confirmed us as sitters when we started on THS this year and had no reviews . After the first sit for them , they all invited us back to sit again and we are just about to go to one of them for the third time this year.


No, it’s not just you. Various hosts have been posting about low applications for holiday sits, even ones who haven’t had issues finding sitters in years past. Even in some locations that are normally in high demand, like in NYC.

THS being a marketplace where hosts and sitters meet and potentially match, there will tend to be imbalances as the company’s membership grows. They have very limited control over that, and that’s agnostic of them — it’s the case with many marketplaces.

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In other marketplaces, supply and/or demand are more elastic and there is a mechanism for adjusting and matching those: with money.

On THS, large imbalances are unavoidable. Like you mentioned in another thread, the elasticity needs to come from somewhere else: not traveling, taking the pets, kennels, relatives and friends.

Even with money, it’s hard for marketplace companies to control imbalances, because 1. They don’t typically control the prices set by sellers. 2. Signups of various types of members (or partners) is uneven for a host of reasons, which marketplaces companies often don’t control. They sure wish they could, though, LOL. 3. There’s usually a time lag even with what control you have. That usually means pains for users meanwhile.

It may be a problem with the ‘5 sit cut off’. I’m an experienced sitter but find sits in my area now ‘reviewing’ even before I get an alert about them!

I notice they often become re-available due to sitters cancelling, and I’ve even been contacted by former HOs I’ve sat for because of that but by that time I’ve often made other arrangements.

THS just doesn’t seem to be open to reviewing this policy and seems to actively shut down discussion related to it. It’s weird.

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Hi @BJane

Just popping in to say we’ve got an ongoing discussion here about that policy. Although the Forum team doesn’t have the power to change the policy, we want to make sure our members can discuss it, and we collect any feedback given on the thread and pass it along to the relevant team.

Jenny :slight_smile:

With hosts you’ve previously sat for, it’s better for them to msg or invite you directly, so there’s no five-application limit at play at all — easy for you and them. Like I have a sit planned for mid-2024 that’s not on the THS books yet (and will never be listed for anyone else to apply for), because the host and I msg’d directly for me to do a repeat sit.

And if you’ve sat in a specific area and have liked those sits, have you considered messaging the hosts directly, since you’d have all their contact info? You could even ask them to spread word among their local network if you’re interested in more sits there.

Hi, thanks.

Yes, obviously, I’m in regular touch with sitters I’ve already sat for as they are now friends. They message me directly via WA to ask if I’m available etc and often ask if I’m available to sit for their friends.

But this doesn’t help with finding new sits via THS, which is what I pay my annual subscription for.

Well that hasn’t been the ‘Forum team’s’ policy in the past where they have closed valid member discussions related to this. I know because I was part of it.

I hope the ‘relevant team’ actually do listen to the many many people (and not just sitters) who raise the ‘5 sit rule’ as one of the most detrimental things to have happened to this site rather than just constantly reinstating their justification for it.

I also hope you’re monitoring some of the reviews you’re getting in recent years too.

I can’t help feeling there’s been some breakdown in the whole ethos of how the site works, and the ‘5 sit rule’ and the way it was imposed is part of that.

(Edit -Link removed due to the posting terms as the link contained full names and personal details of THS members and this is a public forum)


Hi @BJane

I can’t comment on anything that happened before I joined the team - which was fairly recently - but moving forward the team is working hard to provide regular product updates and to collect feedback as there’s lots of valuable feedback from our members here.

Company reviews don’t fall under the Forum Team, but I’m sure the team that look after reviews will be looking at sites like the one that you’ve linked here.

Things are getting a bit off-topic now so it’d be great if we could get back on track to the OP’s original discussion topic. You’re more than welcome to pop over to the thread I linked previously if you have more thoughts to share on the five-sit rule.