Request advice on cheap mobile phone number options in the UK

I just set up an account with Ocado in the UK so that I can get grocery deliveries at my next sit which is in a village that has no store or supermarket. Nearest supermarket is several miles away. I have no car and can get there by bus or taxi but it might be time for this dinosaur (ie me) to start using grocery delivery services during this 3.5 month sit.

Anyway, after spending an hour or so creating my account and first order it fell through as I do not have a UK phone/landline or mobile number. It’s a bit annoying, as I do not have any need for a UK phone number and prefer to continue using my current (overseas) mobile number which is connected to banking and other accounts etc.

Can anyone recommend a solution? Is there a cheap mobile phone number option in the UK that I can use just for my Ocado account or for receiving calls from them re deliveries? I don’t need to make calls or access internet with a UK number. I just need to give them a UK phone number.

Giffgaff or 1p are the cheapest, I’ve found.

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I have also used giffgaff and also Lebara. Both cheap and easy to get.



Thanks for the wonderful advice. I have tried to order a SIM card with 1p but it seems like they do not accept my overseas credit card as it is registered at a foreign postcode. So frustrating! I have been using this VISA card for the past 12 months in the UK and France but the 1p site does not seem to accept it. Ugh!

Note: just got a reply from 1p customer service:

the card does need to be registered to a UK postcode. If your card is registered abroad then that is sadly why you are unable to order.

This means that tourists cannot order SIM cards from 1p. Honestly I don’t see how UK can be described as Global Britain!

So, I can’t get grocery deliveries via Ocado because I don’t have a UK phone number and I can’t order a UK SIM cos I don’t have a credit card registered in the UK.

I use 3 PAYG (UK network) all around the world for WhatsApp & to receive banking notifications etc. Like you- i got stumped here in Singapore- trying to order over Lazada- had to get a local sim card to get registered. Pain in the a**!

Lebara is good, reasonable price, monthly rolling contract so no need to commit and they still have EU roaming and a decent data allowance. They use the Vodafone network so coverage is good.
Don’t expect to find any reasonable prices at the main providers (there are only 4 networks in UK; Vodafone, ee, three and umm :thinking: another one).

All the Lebara offers are here;

Also, you might get a discount and I get a refer-a-friend benefit if you use this link :wink:
Or QR it

Thanks for the info. I had just managed to order a SIM card at 1p. I remembered that I have a Paypal account that I have never used, so finally it came in handy to have that account!
The 1p plan suits me fine as it is £10 for 120 days, no contract. That means I can just cite it as my UK number when necessary (eg with Ocado). Success at last!

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Was just about to suggest PayPal for your payment troubles. Apple Pay could have worked too?
It’s no consolation but it works both ways for Brits abroad with payment restrictions etc. Italy is particularly frustrating - be warned!

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I don’t have Apple Pay but luckily I remembered that I had set up a paypal account last year for some reason or other. I had never used it till today. So this story had a happy ending!

Thanks for the advice re Italy. I used to live there but have not been there since 2014.

CloudTalk Changed my life $25-30/month. Better than anything I have used. You can get phone numbers in most countries.

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Tesco - major UK Super Market also has mobile phone service, it’s pretty cheap also. If you’re near a larger one, they normally have a dedicated Tesco mobile shop in there, but will always have a section with pay as you go sims. They’re pretty cheap as are the tariffs, and you can pay cash if required. Another option that doesn’t require the sim being posted.

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Thanks, Nick for the the good advice and welcome to the forum!


Could you not use the home landline where you are sitting? It’s unlikely that Ocado would need to use it & incoming calls shouldn’t be a problem for the HO.

Hi Jo27
I had thought of that too but the host at that sit does not have a landline telephone.
As it is a 100 day sit and a bit remote, I decided to get a 1p mobile number for Ocado purposes.

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