San Diego meet up Oct 16-30

Hi! I’ll be in San Diego Oct 16-30. Anyone available to meet? @Kelly and @Julie_A are there any events planned for that time?

Tagging @ElsieDownie per our previous conversation.


I’m sitting in San Diego Oct 2-17 near Presidio Park.


I’m in. We fly back to Edinburgh on 19th.

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At the moment no official events but always looking to organize a meet up. This looks like a good opportunity to meet some members while you’re here!

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Awesome! We should absolutely plan a San Diego meetup while you are in town @Karen_E

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I arrive late on the 16th. @jcvbva are you available on the 17th?

Yes! I will be leaving sometime on the 18th. Would love to join!

Fabulous! So it sounds like those of us available will meet on the 17th.

@jcvbva @ElsieDownie @Kelly @Julie_A what time would work best for you?

@Kelly and @Julie_A do you know of a good place for us to meet? I’ll have a car and could go anywhere.


@Karen_E I’ll be working from about 1-3 pm Pacific time that day, otherwise free. I will also have a car and am willing to help others with transportation. I’ll be sitting near Presidio Park which is close to the Old Town Transit Center.

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Here are a few meet up location options all close to Old Town

Mission Bay Beach Club (best view/only outdoor searing) 7a-7pm:

The Garten (a variety of food and bev options) 3p-9pm:

The Congress Cafe 8a-2p:

@Kelly oh, my mouth is watering – they all sound so good! Thanks for the suggestions. I’d be happy with any of these.

Hi @jcvbva @ElsieDownie @Kelly @Julie_A and anyone else who will be in San Diego next week.

We’re tentatively scheduled to meet on Oct 17th. Does 5pm work for everyone? Does The Garten work for everyone?

I’m looking forward to meeting / seeing you all.

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That works fine for me!

Hello, I am new to TH and I am in San Diego til the 21st for my very first housesit! I don’t know anyone here but would love to get to know people who have more experience on the platform!

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That’s great! I look forward to seeing you and @Karen_Em @jcvbva at 5p on the 17th at The Garten. Hopefully @Julie_A can make it too!


We finish our sit on 16th and have hired a car for the last two days of our North American adventure. I’m sorry we can’t make it but have a great time.

Oh bummer! I’m sorry we’ll be missing you

Guess who’s coming to dinner? (Ok, drinks :slight_smile: I’m heading up that eve so I’ll stop by :hugs:

Hi @CoralSea. We’d love to have you join us! Will you have a car or other way to get to the Garten?


Oh so sorry we’ll miss you @ElsieDownie! I was looking forward to meeting you. Hopefully our paths will cross again some day…

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