San Diego meet up Oct 16-30

Hi! I’ll be in San Diego Oct 16-30. Anyone available to meet? @Kelly_U and @Julie_A are there any events planned for that time?

Tagging @ElsieDownie per our previous conversation.


I’m sitting in San Diego Oct 2-17 near Presidio Park.


I’m in. We fly back to Edinburgh on 19th.

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At the moment no official events but always looking to organize a meet up. This looks like a good opportunity to meet some members while you’re here!

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Awesome! We should absolutely plan a San Diego meetup while you are in town @Karen_E

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I arrive late on the 16th. @jcvbva are you available on the 17th?

Yes! I will be leaving sometime on the 18th. Would love to join!

Fabulous! So it sounds like those of us available will meet on the 17th.

@jcvbva @ElsieDownie @Kelly_U @Julie_A what time would work best for you?

@Kelly_U and @Julie_A do you know of a good place for us to meet? I’ll have a car and could go anywhere.


@Karen_E I’ll be working from about 1-3 pm Pacific time that day, otherwise free. I will also have a car and am willing to help others with transportation. I’ll be sitting near Presidio Park which is close to the Old Town Transit Center.

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Here are a few meet up location options all close to Old Town

Mission Bay Beach Club (best view/only outdoor searing) 7a-7pm:

The Garten (a variety of food and bev options) 3p-9pm:

The Congress Cafe 8a-2p:

@Kelly_U oh, my mouth is watering – they all sound so good! Thanks for the suggestions. I’d be happy with any of these.