Say Hi Folks! New from Orlando, Florida USA

Hey Folks,
Saying hello, and looking forward to my first sit! Tell me one thing you wish you thought of your first sit.


@TheOGRoamer Hello :wave: to you too!

What an interesting question. Mine would be to ask if there was a kettle to boil hot water for tea and my hot water bottle. Now living in the USA (from the UK) this is not as available as I was expecting. After scalding myself trying to heat the water in a pan and transferring it to my hot water bottle, we now bring a kettle along with us when travelling to a sit by car.

@TheOGRoamer what is yours?

Being American we’re probably more worried about our smoothies than tea. I know, we are savages for not putting on the kettle more often. During Uni, an immersion coil was great for a cup of hot water. We also cooked toasties on an iron. You see, savages. :smile: I guess I’m going brain storm a list of critical questions while I set up my first sit. Thanks for your thoughts!

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@TheOGRoamer Thank you for your reply, I am loving learning all of the different nuances and am excited to be lucky enough to experience all of the things that the USA has to offer.
Oh, I love a good toastie :yum:
My husband and I are several sits in and still learning and adding to our list. It’s pretty individual for most sitters, but there are some great topics on here discussing things like:

Feel free to use the spyglass to find more topics as there is lots of helpful information on here to help get you started.

Any questions please feel free to DM me at any time :grin:

I am a classically trained cook so I do appreciate all things French, even though they stole sauce-making from the Italians. I’m Italian so I can say that, but don’t tell your husband.:smiling_face: I submitted first application today and will do a couple more tomorrow. I’m keeping them close to where I’m staying to build some confidence. Thanks for your suggestions. All thoughts are appreciated.

@TheOGRoamer That is awesome Jim, keep us posted as to how it goes! Good luck and keep submitting those applications :grinning:

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Will do, thanks!