Searching for a female couple

As we have 4 cats we’re looking for 2 people to pet sit, and would prefer both to be female, so either sisters, mother and daughter, or a couple - but it’s impossible to search with these criteria, and I’m in the middle of a 3540 sitters search!
Any advice how to narrow it down would be most welcome!


Focus on the important points for any effective listing:

Then have an informative headline: Female applicants only please

At the start of your introduction, clearly explain your reasoning. Just one or two sentences. You need not show examples e.g. mother & daughter, etc.

Then leave some white space - a line or two blank, so it stands out as much as possible.

Any applicants who don’t match, immediately decline them and give your reasoning. Polite and simple. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you follow those two blog posts to a T, it’s unlikely you’ll have to search for the sitters. Quality listings usually attract quality sitters. :blush: