Searching for long-term sits back & forth between HO's properties

My partner and I travel around the US/Canada/Mexico to do long-term sits (1-6 months+) and was wondering if there are HO’s that have one or more properties where they go back-and-forth between, and if this is a unique situation?..

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You might look at to give you some idea about this. People with lots of money already have an entire staff that can take care of their pets as they travel. I guess you are looking for the middle income crowd who travel between their homes but not rich enough to have staff. These people exist. Difficult to find. I have seen examples on Trusted Housesitters.

We’re on one now @1m1 where we’re sitting in the second home in a different country for 3 months. I’m pretty sure @Lokstar has done similar so there are some of those types of sits on here, just not loads. As @PVGemini says there are also estate manager and caretaker sites and also luxury house sitting sometimes has them.

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