Securing our first few sits

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Thanks for your reply. I would never take a sitter/situation for granted. And this helps me to know how to frame my future requests for a sit. Many that replied to my sit request specifically mentioned leaving open days on each end of the sit to prevent any conflicts from arising. So now I know the type of sitter philosophy that works best for my situation. Very helpful.


@2kwaldo just last weekend I was sitting for someone who should have been back on Sunday evening. But their flight was delayed several times, and in the end cancelled. Then the flight was re-booked for Monday morning - again delayed several times. In the end they arrived back home on Monday evening, 24 hours later than planned. Their backup plan wasn’t very solid and luckily I could stay and help out. The previous housesit’s departure flight was delayed by 4 hours, not a huge impact to us, but it just shows that you need to build in some flexibility if you can.


@2kwaldo - To be honest, I find the " I will save an extra day each end of the sit on the off chance you need me" policy that some sitters seem to use very odd. Where is the sitter expected to sleep on these days on the off chance ( and most likely event ) that the home hosts arrangements go to plan and hence expects the sitter to leave as originally arranged?

As I said previously - on the occasions we get asked at the last minute to extend our stay we do our very best to oblige, but if we can’t then we can’t. If a homehost wanted us to hold a couple of days ‘just in case’ then I think it totally fair that the homehost should pay for the sitters accommodation costs for these days if they were not needed after all.

A night accommodation before and after a sit would potentially cost us £200. We are excellent sitters - reliable, responsible and expect nothing in return for our services as per the commitment we signed up for when joining THS . However, if anyone thinks we are going to potentially pay an extra £200 on top of our other travel costs for the privilege of caring for their pets they are very much mistaken.

As you say, they would definitely need to book someone with a different sitter philosophy than ours.


Many of the sitters I have messaged with, that do this full time and have given up homeownership for however long, budget for just such occasions where they may need to find a place to stay between sits. Or potentially if a sit gets cancelled and they don’t find something to fill the spot. Full time pet sitting doesn’t mean free housing 365 days a year. At least not to those I have messaged with. Luckily there are enough different HOs and sitters to find the right match for both!

I agree Colin. I think some home owners forget that sitters have to make travel arrangements too. I wouldn’t take a sit with the expecation that I leave nights open before and after with the likelihood that I would have to pay a few hundred dollars in hotel costs (and pass up other potentially wonderful sits). I also have to be able to plan ahead for my work and block out the days that I’m actually traveling to avoid having meetings scheduled when I am driving for several hours or flying. I’m happy to stay extra days if plans change and I’m available, but I don’t think I should be expected to be available beyond the dates that were agreed upon.


Hi 2kwaldo,

I just want to point out that sitters are not getting ‘free housing’. You could also then say that HOs are getting free labor. Sitters are providing a valuable service. Caring for someone’s pets and home is a big responsibility and one that most sitters take very seriously.

To address your main point, I don’t think most nomadic people on here expect that they will be sitting 365 days a year. The sitters can schedule their sits in a way that works for them and certainly may have open nights. Personally, I’m getting ready to go to Scotland for a month and won’t be sitting at all. I didn’t look for sits because that is not part of the trip I’ve planned. Aside from nomadic sitters, unless they are local to the sit, all sitters are making travel arrangements. Keeping days open pre/post sit are costs specifically associated with doing that particular sit. Most sitters don’t want a sit to cost us more than the necessary travel costs.


Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. I do not believe many sitters, even FT sitters, sit 365 days a year. The original post seemed to suggest that to me, but that was just my take on it. Luckily I found a very flexible sitter for my first sit, though all travel went according to plan. But it was comforting to know she would work with me if there was a travel delay.

Hi. I am new here. We found a sit we wanted to apply for so we created an account. The sit has now been in Reviewing Status for 4 days. I think that means the owners are reviewing 5 applicants. Is there a limit to how long a sit can stay in the reviewing status? We have seen a few other sits we like but are hesitant to apply until we know that the other sit has picked a sitter.


Hi @StephanieEstep - The sit will stay in the reviewing process until if/when the home host declines one or more of the applications.

I have no idea of the actual statistics but my guess is that most home hosts now choose their sitter from the first five that apply so, personally unless you are really desperate for the original one I would apply to the others before they get up to their five application limit and you are stopped from applying to those also


There is no limit on how long a listing can show ‘reviewing applications’. I have seen sits showing this the day before they are due to travel.
I suggest you apply for anything that you feel is a good fit.
Lots of information on this link.

Hi @StephanieEstep a d @Colin

Declining one application (or declining all applications received) does not automatically make the listing go live again.
The HO has ‘unpause’ the lisiting in order for
It to go live again.

As soon as a lisiting has 5 applications the HO receives a notice that the listing is in review and is paused. They are asked to review the applications on hand. If none of the applications are suitable instructions are provided on declining applications and unpausing the lisiting to make it live again.

I don’t know if there are any other follow up notices sent to the HO that are time sensitive as to how long the lisiting has been under review.

I don’t think 4 days is overly excessive in a HO reveiwing the applications., but agree with @Colin to apply for other listings in the meantime.


Thanks Colin.

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We too are in the situation of having applied for a Sit (we were the 5th & last applicant) so it went immediately to ‘reviewing applications’ Ours was showing as ‘read’ 4 days ago but we have received no acknowledgement or response. In our experience if the host is interested they will usually acknowledge or reply within a day or two -max- so we are already assuming we will not be chosen for this sit. But she is a first timer so you never know! We have not applied for anything else at the mo as there is nothing else in that area right now. I just today sent a friendly follow up requesting a response one way or the other because we need to plan! This may go in our favour or not. But we are not attached. In your case I’d suggest that if there are alternatives you could apply for then go for it. And you could also send a follow up on your current application- you have nothing to lose! Chances are that after 4 days with no acknowledgement you are not the chosen one. But if that’s the case don’t lose heart! Something better awaits you! :blush:

Welcome @StephanieEstep! I agree with the others: If you see multiple sits you like, apply for all of them. There are several good reasons for this.

One, it can take many applications to land your first successful sit. As it’s Christmas, it may seem like HOs are desperate for sitters, but I feel like that’s only now; once Christmas is over, the power balance will shift dramatically. And besides, if a sit is reaching 5 applicants, it could already be very competitive. Every other sitter will have at least as many reviews as you do at this point. And some people’s profiles are downright intimidating! (in a good way because they’re so experienced!)

Also, the process to confirm a sit is a bit longer than for, say, Airbnb. For TH, you apply, then maybe you do a video chat, etc. The HO can invite one applicant to confirm the sit. Then the sitter has to still confirm.

So, you can apply to multiple overlapping sits, then in the video chat (or even application), just let the HO know that you’ve applied to other sits as well. If you actually get lucky and are chosen, then you have to be careful before hitting that “confirm” button. The TH system will let you confirm overlapping sits, but you shouldn’t do that unless you really know what you’re doing, otherwise you may break TH guidelines/rules.

But as a recap, if you see a sit you like, just apply. If you actually get to the stage where you can click the confirm button, then you can be more hesitant.

Search the TH site, the TH blog, and these forums for more help. E.g.:

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I think there will be more offers after Christmas and nearer the dates you wish to go. as people decide when they want or need to go away. when I offer a housesit, it might only be a month or two in advance or even just a week beforeheand. I think it would be difficult to go to Europe expecting to stay in house sits all the time. From people who have stayed in my flat and have travelled around Europe, I know that they also stay in Airbnb, hotels and hostels on their trip. You just have to keep a lookout for sits and be patient.

Thanks for the tips Geoff.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, I was setting up my TH account when the 5th app was submitted. That said, there was no guarantee I would have gotten it anyway. I keep looking. So far nothing is checking all my boxes.


As a previous SIT and now SITTERS we would have common sense to leave SAFE PERIOD of time … as the priority is the pets.

Agree Colin.