Sharing perks to provide savings

No sales tax added in the supermarket, liquor store or gas station in NS.

:+1:. It’s the GST I forgot about.

Tis something we don’t need to think about here when heading to the till & happy knowing the price on the package is the one you pay.


We are lucky in Australia & New Zealand where the laws provide the advertised price is GST inclusive. I found it really stressful travelling in the USA where I never knew what I was expected to pay with the varying rates of sales tax & tipping!


Indeed & the thought of tipping is going to drive us batty in The US :scream:. Def just finding the good independent coffee shops & not eating out too often to avoid spending more with all the tipping.

I’m currently on the hunt for info on farmers markets in the eastern US operating in the fall.

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Don’t get me started about the USA tipping system @RunnerC. I get it that workers are on low wages so rely on tipping but you still have to tip even for bad service! Then the rules about what types of services you tip for and don’t… I told you not to get me started :wink:


Many (but not all) provinces have two kinds of sales tax - GST and PST. In BC that adds up to 12%.

Some provinces, like NB and NS, have it combined into HST but their’s is 15% I think.

Not a sharing perk but similar. 2 food waste apps that work great in the UK are Toogoodtogo. This app lets shops and restaurants list produce going out of date at a usually vastly reduced price. Found out they are expanding in Europe as well. Just used yesterday in Copenhagen to get a 11 inch domino’s pizza for £3.30 rather than £12.99!
The other app is Olio. This app is all about giving away food going to waste in your neighbourhood. It can be shop bought food or home cooked food.


We use both Olio and TooGoodToGo.

When sitting we’ve noticed that TooGoodToGo uses the location on your phone to show what’s available, where Olio seems to use your home address. So we were on a sit in Scotland getting alerts from Olio for items listed in Gloucestershire! I guess we’d have to change our address while we are on a sit in order to use it.

We are Food Waste Heroes on Olio - we pick up food going out of date from local supermarkets and list it on Olio for other users to collect.


Recently had a business associate from the US visit me in the UK for the first time and thought it was amazing the price on the ticket was the price you paid at the cash register! Simple things in life! :grinning: