Sits with no pets coming up with bunnies

I have a saved search “anywhere with no pets” that is showing new listings with bunnies. Its been happening for a few days. @Angela-HeadOfCommunity is this a system glitch?

Hi @Crookie - I did a quick search of sits anywhere with no pets which came up with interesting results.
It showed sits with rats, ferrets, alpacas and goats (as well as several rabbits).
It also showed the sits that said they had no pets but the description detailed care of their dogs and cats.
I guess it is a glitch with regard to animals appearing in a search of ‘no pets’.
The other result I mentioned was the host not listing their pets correctly in the profile.

There is an issue and it has been reported :grin:

There really seems to be a bug here. On the other hand, one could say that rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens etc. are not pets but farm animals. Horses or ferrets can be classified as working animals, not as pets, and some people keep and breed rats, mice or hamsters as feed for reptiles and to be sold to medical laboratories or alike, not as pets. It really depends on how their owner sees them. Perhaps that’s why they show up as “no pets”. Furthermore, other people put a lot of effort into caring for wild animals, such as wild birds, deer or hedgehogs, which also would not count as pets, and they will want to hire a house-sitter for them when they go away. These are only a few possible reasons for the classification “no pets”. But in general, I would think that it is rather rare that someone would want to accommodate a sitter to only look after an empty house, so perhaps there are no genuine sits with no animals available at all. (?)

Speaking for myself, as a house sitter who loves the challenge of looking after any animals other than the usual dogs and cats, I would very much welcome if the search software would get fixed, to really accommodate for all the different preferences.

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Hi @Crookie thank you for raising. We have been made aware of this and it has been reported to our tech team.

We will update in the original thread that @Kootenaigirl already kindly shared (and I have copied below) as soon as we know more on this.

All the best
Lucy and the forum team

Closing this thread off as this has now been fixed 01/12/2022.