Update 16th Nov - Now Fixed: Glitch in Search - results incorrect for No pets & Small Pets

Sits with small pets are showing up when you search for no pets.

When you search for a sit with small pets, the site returns no results, even though there are sits with small pets available.

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@meow I can’t find anything with small pets either. What have you found that you know falls into this category? Can you copy and past so I can send to IT

Just search for no pets Anywhere. The first that come up will be for small pets.

For example:

And so on and so on…


Meow, I just noticed that too, no pets is now including lots of sits with rabbits :grin:

Nothing came up for me. Where are you seeing sits that you know have just listings for small pets?

@Debbie-Moderator Nothing came up for you when you searched for No Pets with location Anywhere?

That is correct.

Weird, here is mine for no pets, anywhere, first 2 have rabbits, next two no pets and it continues on like that.

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Thanks everyone … this has been passed to the Tech Support Team, we will keep you updated.

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I’m getting the same thing, pets in the anywhere no pets search

I wouldn’t carrot all but I have I a bunny feeling that if there’s a glitch where we are seeing rabbits when we shouldn’t there’s a
vHAREy good chance I’m not seeing sits I am looking for. Just a Hutch

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When is the search filter going to to be fix. ?
I cannot accurately search for sits. This has been going on for days now.

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Yes ‘no pets’ search includes dogs, sheep and lots of rabbits for me!


*And this is to reach the min 10 character count

@richten1 I’m sure if the no pets filter is incorrect the others are too. That’s my concern. It’s been going on for days…

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity to expand on the tech report, my first page display for an ‘anywhere’ search (no filters on) has had the same listings for about 10 days now. I’ve tried refreshing the page, signing out of my account and back in again, and various browsers - no change. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Snowbird yes , same here. I’m sure I’m not seeing a lot of sits. I sent a message to the help desk but no reply.

Thanks for the additional feedback @Snowbird @ExploreDreamDiscover thank you also.

Just like the forum team if members have sent messages to Membership Services they will pass this on to the tech team who also have their eyes on the forum.

We are listening … and hearing you!!

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity How can it be over two weeks and this most basic of web site functionality is still broken?

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Hello @meow and all on this thread. Have reached out to the team for an update this afternoon, and this is a bug currently being worked on by the tech team. Hopefully there will be a resolution on this one very soon, and we’ll update you here once we have that confirmation back. Thanks for your continued patience.