No London sits listed today

There’ve been 30-40 for the past month or so but today for some hours the message has been ’ We’re waiting on house and pet sitting opportunities in London, United Kingdom to become available’

Could someone look into this please? @Ben-ProductManager @Angela-HeadOfCommunity @Therese-Moderator

Hi @Lauraa could you explain a little more the search criteria you are using please? I just checked and there are currently 121 sits in London that are accepting applications.

It’s the same saved-search I’ve used for ten years and look at several times a day. Cats and fish in London, currently 30-40 every day. I sort for Distance, meaning I’m shown actual-ondon sits first but 0 are showing now. And it doesn’t matter if I just start all over again, no sits show.
If I allow all kinds of pets I get a screenful that includes cats but if I select cats then I get nothing. @Carla-Moderator @Kelly-Moderator

It appears that perhaps IT made a change to the ‘Pets’ filter. It is not possible to filter by just ‘cats’, or just ‘dogs’ and a blank location you get 0 results.

If you search for ‘London’ it works fine but as soon as you add in ‘cats’ it no longer works.

Things were working fine earlier today.


@Lauraa and @uk_american Thank you for providing more information, I have just tried to select various pets/dates on the filters for London and I am also getting zero results. @Angela-HeadOfCommunity or another moderator will look in to this for you once they are back online.

I briefly had the same no results for saved search for Toronto. I re-created the search and it worked

Yes. I just used my ‘no dogs’ filter (cats, fish, reptiles, birds, small animals) I use every day and got nothing across the whole site

@Timshazz Thank you for testing this and letting us know

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Hi @MaggieUU Did you try this just now because I just tried to do a search with Toronto with filters/dates and getting zero results and it shows 10 results without filters?

A few hours ago. I just double checked and got no results when filters were applied same as you

@MaggieUU thank you for checking again and confirming

I am finding the same thing. None of my saved searches are working at all, all showing no new results (after receiving notifications that there are new results) and there are lots of new results when you search manually. The only saved search showing results is no pets and that is showing lots of results with all sorts of pets :thinking:

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The app has a major glitch this morning - a search for anything with any filter in the US says “no results.”

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@DianaO I just tested for the US and it currently shows 1812 listings but as soon as I try adding a filter/dates it shows zero

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I’m having the same problem with searches in the US and Canada.

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I tried to access my search for cat sits in th USA. I am getting a response stating there are not any! If I do the search without the filter for cats, there are many cat only sits included in the listings. Obviously there is a problem. Could someone please check this out? Thanks

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Hi Thank you @Samox24

@Lauraa @uk_american @Timshazz @Kootenaigirl … apologies for the issue and any delays we have reported to the tech team, will update as and when we have news.

My search is back working again.

@Lauraa, everyone … tech says this has been fixed.
Let us know of you are still having issues.

If anyone is still having issues it could be cache related, please clear and that should solve as this bug has been fixed and tested.

Thank you