Why can't I see sits after logging in?

HI All,
My wife and I have sat for families through another site and finally bit the bullet to sign up with THS in order to contact a host about a sit in London. Once membership was paid, I can no longer see that particular sit or any sits for all of London??? If I view the site not logged in, I can see the sit. Its very confusing

Welcome @cori .

This happened to us when we joined - but I now understand how it works .
It likely that the sit you saw before joining has now received 5 applications and so the listing is automatically paused whilst they review them . Whilst the listing is paused no one can apply . Popular sits in popular locations do get lots of applications very quickly . On THS you cannot contact the hosts except by directly applying to a listing that is live .

So the listing is still live ( the haven’t confirmed a sitter yet ) but paused ( no more can apply whilst the hosts review the applications that they have already received) So this is why you can see it on the site while not logged in .

However, you should still be able to see plenty of sits available in London that you can apply for . I just did a search on the app and it says 112 sits in London .
To note , I haven’t filtered the search dates or for a specific type of pet. So if you are looking for a specific date with a specific pet there will be less available.

Some other information that may be helpful:

•on average out of 6000+ sits daily available worldwide <10 will be for “no pets” .

•check the listing for more information about the location - London search on THS covers a large area and some will be central and other you may need to catch the train in .

All the best in finding your first THS sit .

Thank you for reply. Yes still confused as to why I see many available sits when not logged in, nothing when I am.
In terms of filters nothing comes up even when on map view?

Hi @cori , If you are seeing no London sits at all then you must have one or more filters selected.

I have just done a general ‘looking for a sit in London’ search with no filters selected ( see white filters along the top of the page white=not selected/ blue= selected) and there are currently 382 opportunities listed. ( Note on the map the large geographical area considered to be London!)

This number changes constantly, especially in popular areas such as London, as sits often reach their 5-application limit in seconds - you have to be very quick!

The discrepancy in sits shown to non-members and members has been discussed before, you can use the spyglass icon to search for previous threads - here is one ane from not too long ago

You may need to check with member support as you should be seeing the 112 sits that I am seeing .

I’m currently seeing 109 London sits using the app. I suggest you contact support@trustedhousesitters.com