No longer showing sits not currently active?

I had recommended THS for a friend and had seen a sit she’d like in her area. I went to look for it and I see that ONLY live/seeking sits are showing. What happened to the feature where you can see sits that are reviewing applications, or are filled but you can favorite them for future reference?

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Maybe post this in THS News and Feedback where THS may reply or it could be followed up by one of the moderators?

I can see them on the website!

@Katie my experience has been that if I try viewing by doing a search then they will display. If I go to my saved search for the same location, only active listings will display. Are you looking for it with one of your saved searches maybe? I just checked that on the app. I’m not sure if it’s the same on the website.

I’ve noticed that change as well: Sometimes it’s there but sometimes not. Ive tried searching with a place name, not just via saved searches.