Website search showing local sits only

Since last weekend, the default search lists UK-based sits only. This is also the case when I set the location to anywhere. I live in the UK so I assume it is defaulting to my home location. The problem seems to be only occurring on the website and not in the app. This is very annoying as I prefer to use my iPad and not my phone and the app is not usable on the iPad.
Has anyone else had this problem? I have raised it with the support team but am getting nowhere. As I said, it was working perfectly until Monday. I have to enter a country name to see sits for other locations but this is not practical.

I can’t replicate. When I go to “Find a Sit” I get results from a half dozen countries (partial screen shot below). Have you tried on a laptop or just on your phone sans app? Are you going to just the '“find a sit” page or are you going elsewhere?


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I find this happens when I don’t ‘log in’. It shows me all of the sits in my home country of Canada, but nothing else. Then when I log in, it shows me everything.

Playing around with it, the only time I can see other locations is when I select ‘no pets’. As I said, it was working perfectly until Monday. I am selecting ‘Find House Sit’ and either leaving the location blank or selecting ‘Anywhere’.

I still have the problem when I am logged in. It is a problem on the website on the iPad and iPhone, using the Safari browser and also a problem with Google Chrome. It is even a problem with the app on the iPad but strangely enough the search works perfectly on the phone App.

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I will not go into QA/testing mode. I will not go into QA/testing mode.

lol. Doing this for a living makes me want to break out my testing suite and do some cross browser testing but I’m going to restrain myself.

@Londongal I hope they find a solution for you.


I know, I used to work in IT too.

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Hi @Londongal I’m going to tag team members to pick this up when they are back online @Lucy-Moderator … I will also pass over to the Membership Services Team to advise.

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I too am seeing this

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If you add your device and browser information, preferably with version, it would help them trouble shoot.

On the app on my Motorola G6 and on my very old iPad mini software 12.5.5


I found a workaround. Although ‘anywhere’ shows me UK only, if I save the search and then use my saved search to create the list, I see everything. Not ideal but it works. Bizarre.

Im having exactly the same problem…its so frustrating !!! Ive sent a message reporting the issue but no-one responds. Its far too laborious putting searches in for each individual country. Clearly a glitch in the UK.

Yes, it is very annoying. Also, I apologise, my workaround was misleading. The first page shows global sits but the subsequent pages are UK only, so no good.

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I am having the same problem.
A month or so ago I set up a Saved Search for Anywhere in 2023. This suddenly seems to be just listing UK sittings but if I scroll down for 3 pages some overseas ones are listed. Has the order of countries changed? Or have new overseas listings just disappeared too?

Hi All
Just to give a little clarity.
We are presently doing a trial as we do have more volume at the moment of UK sits.
If you are located in the UK, (picked up by IP address) and you search for AnyWhere, it will show you only UK sits, for the moment.
However, If you then wish to see the all worldwide sits, you would need to Search for Anywhere, put in a filter … eg dog or/and cat and Save this search. You can access this each time by going to this Anywhere Saved Search. (you will still notice a large number of UK sits as mentioned earlier)
Hope this helps.
Warm regards

I think you are right. The UK sits must be appearing first. I’ve tried filtering by uncommon pet types and this appears to be the case. Hopefully this will be changed back as it’s unusable in the current format unless we want a staycation!


This seems like a terrible UX, especially when you’re not indicating it on the site. You’re basically ruining it for anyone who wants to sit outside the UK. I don’t think altering results like this is going to make people more likely to do a local sit, just more unlikely to continue using the site as it seems to be broken. At the very least you could offer an “anywhere excluding UK” filter.


Sorry but this saved search method only shows global sits on the first page. All subsequent pages revert to UK only.


@CreatureCuddler Thank you for our feedback which I have passed on to our tech team.
@Londongal … on the saved Anywhere search, listings do appear immediately as they are posted on the website, and as I mentioned, we have a very large quantity of UK sits as opposed to other countries at the moment, hence the UK does dominate even the worldwide seaches.
Kind regards