Search sit filters changing

Whenever we had random gaps & wanted to be inspired, we would type in “anywhere” and then filter the dates & use the map for sit ideas and destinations. It doesn’t seem to work anymore though. Anyone else search this way or had this experience? :thinking:

Yeah, I’ve found that Anywhere isn’t working Anymore. Frustrating.

I deleted and reinstalled the app already and that didn’t help.

Hello @Cuttlefish & @jcvbva Sorry to hear that is happening!

This is strange as I just did a quick search on the website for anywhere and put random dates from 3rd August - 3rd September and I got lots of available sits and could use the map, then I tried it on my App (iPhone) and got the same outcome.


Is that what you are referring to? Please let me know and feel free to send screenshots of what you are seeing. Maybe there is a small glitch?

Let me know if you also would like to be referred to Membership Services for further investigation or you can reach them at

Searching on the website, either through the computer or iPhone Safari browser works. It’s the search through the app that is no longer working. If you type “Anywh” it brings up Anywhere as a location choice but when selected it bounces me back to the main screen. It should be referred to someone as this was working until yesterday.

@jcvbva Thank you for the update, That additional information is helpful.

I can not recreate that on my App, so I will pass your details to the Membership Service team & tech team as they will be able to access your account and check what is happening.

Sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully it can be sorted soon for you.
Please look out for an email from the Membership Service team from

@Cuttlefish I have also passed your details over for the same issue so they can have a look for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for passing on @Carla_C - I’m exactly the same as @jcvbva it just won’t work and has been like that for a few days on the app. A search for anywhere just returns to the main screen. I’m an iPhone kid. Thanks both. Hope it’s not a change as love searching this way for new THS adventures :raised_hands:t3:

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I think marketing need to chat with support @Carla_C @jcvbva - lovely insta post but it’s the feature that isn’t working :joy::joy:

Hi @Cuttlefish and @jcvbva. I just searched for Anywhere using the app on my Android phone for the first 3 weeks in Sept and received 1,309 results. Are you still having problems searching that way? Maybe it’s been fixed?

Hi @Karen_E yes just done another road test and straight back to Home Screen with no filter options? :thinking:

@Karen_E I am experiencing the same problem that @Cuttlefish and @jcvbva reported - I have an iPhone - so maybe that’s the common denominator-
tried it again just now still not working .

@Silversitters @Cuttlefish @jcvbva I have passed this on to the internal tech channel.

Did membership Service reach out to you? @Silversitters I can also ask them to reach out to you as well.

It is so very strange as I am on my app on an iPhone right now and able to search anywhere and see the map with all of the listings!?

I’m really not sure why it is working for some and not others, hopefully, the tech team will have more insights and as mentioned I have re-raise it with the tech team.

Please feel free to keep in contact with membership Services at

@Carla_C and @Karen_E I’m still having the problem. It worked up until a few days ago. Perhaps unrelated but I used to get the tiny spyglass icon on the upper right of the screen that would take me to my saved searches and that disappeared recently. If I touch the search box it takes me there but this seems like another glitch. These search problems are frustrating because this search is tool #1 for sitters. Me anyway.

@jcvbva I’m so sorry to hear that as I know how important the search function is. I also like checking ‘anywhere’ from time to time to get inspiration.

I wonder if what you are describing is what Ben was updating about the saved search function recently. Here is the thread:

let me know if that helps and if not then please also let membership Services know about this when they reach out.

It’s done and I figured out the workaround for that but I don’t understand how removing the icon helps users. If you didn’t read that message, which is most members, you would just assume it’s something broken. I wish more resources were spent fixing things that actually are broken (such as references counting as reviews in the app) than changing how things look.

Hello @Carla_C @jcvbva @Silversitters & @Karen_E and whoever else tagged me (apologies if I forgot you). Update is that I’ve done the latest IOS 16.6 overnight and the anywhere function still isn’t playing ball. Straight back to Home Screen :sob::sob:

I may be barking up the wrong tree here :wink: and confess to being an android user however…

When I use the app on my phone or Samsung tablet to check out listings I initially see this screen with a blank search box

Then if I slide up slightly the search box defaults to Anywhere and to the right I click on the filter icon and can then enter dates etc. Once I enter the filters I can click on the see map button at the bottom of the screen. Or save the search.

If I try to type in Anywhere it just brings me back to the main screen. Hope that helps, but it may be completely different on an iPhone/iPad.

Hi @Shannon - that’s exactly the problem we have. The search function just takes you back to the main screen and you can’t refine by date or pet type or sit duration.

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A couple more clues - when typing the name, “Anywhere” doesn’t show in the list until typing “Anywh” - not “A”, “An”, “Any”, “Anyw” - though other destinations do work and the list shortens when the additional letters are entered.

I was able to do somewhat of a workaround by doing a search for another destination, United States, saving the search, then changing the destination to Anywhere and saving it as a new search. Sometimes it does bring up Anywhere and sometimes it doesn’t.

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Nice thinking :raised_hands:t3: