Problem with favourites search map

I’ve got a saved search for ‘anywhere’ with filters for date and length of sit but when I go to map it shows sits available that I can’t click on. In the image attached there is no way to see what the sits are that show in each area without scrolling through the whole list.

If I do a search from the home page with the same filters I can use the map to go to individual sits.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Hi @DKNZ to get you help with this I’m passing to the Membership Services/Tech Team … meanwhile if any other App user is having or has had the same issue feel free to respond here Thanks.

The search is terrible on an Android. I have the worst time trying to get to the listing that I’m trying to look at, and also, since I updated my saved searches, I am once again not getting any alerts. I even installed this on my husband’s iPhone, and he’s not getting them either.


Hi @DKNZ Feedback from tech., this is a known bug and is currently in the flow waiting to be refined … we will update when we have any relevant info. I’m sorry we can’t be more specific.

Thanks Angel a