App is playing up

I have found that over the past two or three weeks, the app is not functioning at all well. When searching for a specific location, the filters are not showing select a date option. I have just seen what looks like an interesting sit, but the sit details just won’t load. Obviously I am paying to be a member and people are paying to find sitters but the service is very poor at the moment. And I know it is not an issue with my phone or WiFi as my partner is having the same issues with the app and we have tried accessing it in different locations with the same outcome. Anyone else having similar issues? I have reported it but no answer yet.


There is not one app. There are two: one for iOS (iPhone), one for android.

It seems that it is the android one that is playing up. There are active threads about it on the forum.

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Yes, it’s a known problem and “the tech team is fixing it” for the last 3 weeks.

If on my Android I go into Settings, Apps, Trusted Housesitters, and then Force Stop, and return to my saved sits afterwards., I see them again. I need to do this nearly every time, so it’s very time consuming and annoying. But so far that’s the way around it.

I agree with you, we pay for a service that at the moment just isn’t working…


The other workaround is to try accessing the web interface using a browser on your phone.

Yes that too

I’ve never liked the app, keep trying it every now and again to see if it’s improved but just stick with the website

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The IOS one is also playing up and has been reported to support as well.

Yes, my THS android app has been almost unusable for weeks.

It’s a real head-scratcher that it hasn’t been fixed yet… or at least communicated about.

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I agree with all the above.I thought the clitches were a result of having an older phone but just upgraded and still having issues with the Android app. Usually it can cope with me looking at one saved search but then gets stuck, so I can’t open anymore and often I open the Anywhere 2024 saved search and it says none available which is nonsense! Yes you can reload the app &/or restart your phone but that is time consuming. We all pay to be on the site, there’s currently over 6,000 sits, let alone sitters, thats a lot of money. Surely it can’t be that difficult to pay someone to sort out the app?!! At least an email to say THS are aware & attempting to sort it out would be helpful.


I’ll tell you why it hasn’t been fixed or communicated. They don’t care and we don’t matter.

I reported problems weeks ago with Saved Searches in the app using IOS that had to do with repeatedly receiving listings for locations other than those specified for the saved search. I was told the tech staff was working on it and offered a 2-month addition to my renewal date. There has been no progress since then and it continues to be buggy.

I have resorted to using the website, but I preferred the app. I hate to be negative but I’m wondering if this is an attempt to kill the app in order for THS to simplify their workload.

@AnnieNai Wow! A free extra 2 months! Wish we all could be so lucky!!

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I’ve been troubleshooting this for MONTHS now.

I should tally up how many reports I’ve made, how many emails of “WE’RE WORKING ON IT”, or just told to un/re-install

Perhaps I should see what kind of addition I could get to my membership.

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