App being buggy

Couple of times in last week I’ve received saved search messages, clicked on the link to have a look, then when it connects all I can see is the date and photos. Thats the same for the other listings too.
So I then have to close the app, re-open it and then go into saved searches to actually see all the information.

Any others having this problem?

Hi @Suemog
I will need to check this with our tech team.
In the meantime, please also check that you are on the latest App.
What phone are you using?

@Suemog Yes. Ive had quite a few. But it’s not the majority of my alerts (many of which no longer have dates as they are already reviewing) and is very random. Probably about 5% (ie. 1 every day or so) I haven’t discerned any pattern, yet.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Android. I checked for updates a few days ago and appear to be on the most recent.

@Timshazz it’s pretty random and very intermittent. Because I’m looking at Scotland there’s not many seem to go to reviewing very quickly. Want I tend yo get is a lot of repeats showing as new because they alter or add dates.

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Mine is Samsung Android too. App is up to date

I am having problems also, when I access the app, it won’t allow me to view or edit my profile and shows membership options! I’m on Samsung Android but not sure how I check for the latest app!

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Hi Helen, if you go into Google and look for the app it recognises you already have it installed and just updates it to the most recent version.

Hi @Helencats
If you are on the App, and you are shown membership options, this would mean you are not logged into your account. If you go to the bottom of the App, Me, Settings and log in with your email and password.

@Timshazz and thanks @Suemog My version shows (iPhone) as being the latest.

I have addressed the issues with our tech team, so they will be looking into it further.

Hi Therese,

I’m on version 2.14.9 for android with auto-update activated too.

thanks @Suemog
Yes, It has been confirmed to me, that Android has slightly different versions to Iphone.

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The app is notoriously buggy. I only use it if absolutely necessary because it’s so difficult to use. Even logging into the app gives me problems half the time. I only use it to sometimes ceck saved searches, and if I find an interesting sit I will go to my computer to formally apply. Or in the case of a recent sit that I learned about while in transit on my way to the airport, I sent a quick application message to keep my “place” in line, explaining the situation to the HO and saying I would send a more complete message as soon as I reached home the next morning. The website also has its issues, but it is far more reliable than using the app.

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Hello, @Laurel I am sorry to hear that you are having these issues, especially managing to log in to the app and stay logged in. I have passed this to the Membership Services team to look into further for you.