App notifications not working (again!)

Yet again the app seems to be malfunctioning. I’m not getting any notifications of my searches and as I have them maxed out I don’t believe it’s because there have been no new listings.

Are we going back to the issues of only a month or so ago where the app has been ‘upgraded’ and therefore isn’t working again?

I’m an android user.

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Hi @Elaine I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your App notifications. I would recommend that you contact Membership Services by email at and they can look in to this issue further for you.

@Samox24 we’re the same as @Elaine and on an iPhone. Support just say they’re working on it when you email……last one was weeks ago and no update since. That’s about the 6th time of reporting it, becomes pointless if nothing is fixed/progressed :flushed: #anothersolutionplease


In my experience MS are about as useful as a wet paper bag. Their answer is pretty much ‘have you tried turning it off and on again’.

Same here. Emailed MS with no response.

I am on iPhone. The last ones that I got came yesterday morning around 11 CEST.

Edit: Yes @Therese , now they are coming in again.

I just checked. No notifications for me in the last 24 hours.

Hi @Cuttlefish @Elaine @Knowmad thank you for the update and I am sorry to hear you are still having issues and have had no further information regarding this. I will tag @Therese to look in to this.

Hi All
The problem of receiving saved search notifications should now be fixed. Please do check and if you are having further issues, please do email

I’m still not getting notifications.

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Hi @Elaine thank you for the update. Updates on my iPhone now appear to be coming through, to confirm for the Android, could you confirm you have the latest version on your Android phone?
Thank you.

@Therese Thank you for looking into this & communicating what you learned. I’ve had no response to my support email so had no information.

I got a batch of notifications 14 min ago.

Can you please provide more information about this issue? Why does it keep occurring? What is being done to prevent it? Please understand this is critical functionality. Without notifications of new sits our chances of applying are greatly diminished. Your users deserve more transparency around this issues.


This is not my first rodeo with the app :grin:, yes what’s on my phone is the updated version, I’m guessing that’s the problem :woman_shrugging:

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@Elaine Its really too bad we have to guess what this issue/resolution was.

My iPhone has not been updated and I had the same issue. Others (android & iphone) were apparently told by THS that “we are working on it” which implies it’s not a problem with the user’s device.

Thank you for you messages.
To be honest, I am not quite sure of the how’s and why’s of the exact problem, but it appears to be now working for some. If this is not the case for you, please do pursue your particular issues with membership services as they would be better equipped to help you.

Hi @Elaine thank you for confirming and I am sorry you are having on-going issues with this.

Could I please ask you to email MS explaining you are on the latest version on an Android so this can be looked in to further and hopefully find a resolution. Thank you.

@Therese we don’t get info from support. I did not even get an acknowledgement that my email was recd.

I’m sorry you get put in the middle, but the forum is where we turn when met with silence.


@Elaine I’ve recently taught my Turkish husband the phrase “it’s not my first rodeo you know” (that probably sounds saucier than it’s supposed to :joy::joy:) He thinks it’s fab and is now quoting it back at me along with easy Curtis and chill winston #offtopiciknow

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Hello @weirdholyman I am sorry to hear that you have not heard back from the support team.
If you DM me the email address you sent your emails from then I can get Membership Services to check their system and get back to you.

@Carla_C all MS do is say ‘we’re working on it’. It’s absolutely ridiculous that this is happening again after the last catastrophe. Do the developers not test anything before they roll it out? I wouldn’t mind but in my case the app updated itself to 2.26 when it was finally stable at 2.24 and didn’t need updating at all.

Last time I know for a fact that I missed out on one sit and nearly a second except for a stroke of luck that meant I saw it. It’s currently prime time for getting a Christmas sit and I’m getting no notifications at all.

I’m so angry and pi$$ed off you have no idea.