Notifications not working

My notifications have suddenly stopped working in my iPhone. I have checked they are correctly set up, uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice. This happened about 2 weeks ago. Has anyone else had the same issue? Any solutions?
Strangely, at the same time, my app has reverted to listing by low applications rather than newest first. Maybe linked issue/maybe not.
Thank you

Tech support has been notified of this issue.

Hi - is there anything I can do to overcome this? Should I have heard from tech support? Thanks

Hello @cappi Thank you for reaching back out :slight_smile:

Whilst it was reported to the tech team we have not had a follow-up as yet other than it is not a reported issue.

I think the best way to follow up and get help is to reach out to membership services as there are no widespread reported issues with the notifications they will be able to access your account and see what is happening.

You will be assigned an agent to help you and be able to go back and forth providing more details until the issue is resolved. Sorry, the forum team could not be of more help on this occasion. Good luck with everything :slight_smile:

Thank you for your mail.
Have you referred this to membership services or is this something I need to do? If so, how do I do it?

Hello, @cappi You are most welcome.

The Tech team are aware of the issue but if you can also email then Membership Service can follow up with you. If you add in your email to them the device you are using, the version if you know it and that you have checked your settings and reinstalled the app, so they have all of the information to hand. They can then check your account.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I hope it is sorted out soon!


Same problem for me! It happened when I did the iPhone 17.5.1 update and I have tried all the same things to fix it. Chat support just told me 10 minutes ago that no one else is reporting this problem. So frustrating. After five years with THS we recognize a technical problem. This app is so glitchy! Has anyone had luck getting this fixed?

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Interesting - mine is 17.5.1 as well. I’ll get back onto them today .
Please can anyone else report it who is having issues.

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Hi @Carla,
No reply from support to my email which you advised me to send.
I see other people are having the same issue - possibly linked to iPhone 17.5.1 update. It has been almost a month now and I’m seeing no sits from alerts. Please can you investigate?

Good morning!
I was wondering if you have gotten the email from tech support to send all pertinent information so they can solve this glitch. I really think we cannot be the only two members having this problem. Maybe others have not noticed how quiet THS has become yet. I just hope we don’t miss anything important. Do you you mind posting any progress you make with support and I will do the same? Thanks!

Hello @cappi Thank you for reaching back out to me. I am so sorry that Membership Services has not yet got back to you. I have just followed up with them now. Please look out for their email shortly, thank you!

@Jmcrae I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues as well. Notifications are so important! We have not heard back from tech at the moment with a widespread issue. If we do we will update the thread here with the information. In the meantime, please send your details to the Membership Services team as they need to look into each case with the tech team and look at systems that the forum team do not have access to.

If I hear anything I will make sure it is posted here :slight_smile:

I have heard back from support and done what they say below. Sadly it has not worked and I am still not receiving notifications. I have mailed back to ask what they suggest they do next.

‘We have now manually unsubscribed and re-subscribed on the system, this sometimes works in resolving issues of this nature.
Can I ask that you again, delete and re-download the app, after this, you will have hopefully started to receive notifications again. ‘

How many times do we have to do the same things before they actually fix it. At least you have actually heard back something. Thanks for letting us know!

Just received this reply from community customer support when I told them the fix didn’t work. I have now asked for a timeline as I am missing out on so many sits.
‘The reason is this is because I have just heard from our tech team this is an on going issue, rest assured, the team is working to resolve this and we will be in touch as soon as the fix is applied.’

That’s a great update! Thank you. We all need to check for app updates occasionally. Hopefully they can figure out this bug soon.

I’m having same issue after re-downloading the app. It has stressed me out a little bit as I’m missing messages from HomeOwners and sitting opportunties. I did chat with a customer rep but they just said it was a bug, gave no timeframe of when it will be fixed :frowning:

I think many of us are in the same boat. That is what I was told as well. I have been trying to remember to check for messages and sit listings a couple times a day so I don’t miss important things. Hope they can figure it out soon.

Hi again Carla,
It is now one month since my notifications stopped working. I have no doubt missed out on many potential sits and am no nearer knowing if/when the problem will be fixed. It is clear the problem is not at my end. Please can you apply pressure to get this fixed?

Hello @cappi Thank you for reaching back out. This must be such a pain for you! I have passed this on to the team. I will always do my best to get answers and results but to manage expectations as the forum team we have little influence over fixes and timelines. Please also keep reaching back out to Membership Services and ask what can be done at this point. If I hear more I will post back here. I hope it gets sorted for you soon :slight_smile:

I have gotten some notifications now. Have you? They must have had some success fixing the bug! I also found something interesting. On each saved search, on the app, there is a menu three dot link all the way on the right. It is very hard to touch the correct spot, but when you do it brings up another window to toggle both notifications and emails on or off for that sit. You may miss the spot several times in a row, but keep trying. Even if the bug is fixed it’s possible your notifications for each individual search are toggled off. I don’t know when this new window was added, and I found it by mistake. What I found was some notifications were toggled off and some were toggled on, but none were toggled on for emails alerts.