Not Getting Notifications of Favourite Sits Anymore

I just noticed that I am no longer getting notifications on my iPhone for sits that I favourited. Not sure how long this has been happening - maybe a week or more? How can I fix this problem?

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ignore my question in the post above. I deleted the app on my phone and reinstalled it. Now I get notifs :slight_smile:

Mine hasn’t been working for weeks and deleting and reinstalling hasn’t done the trick either :tired_face::tired_face:

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^ this has started happening again - I only just reinstalled the app on my phone a couple of days ago. Why is the app so glitchy? My missing reviews reappeared for 2 days and now they have gone missing again!

@cat.tails I am so sorry to hear that after your initial success of reinstalling the app, your favourite notifications are not coming through again. I know that must be frustrating.

Please reach out to the Membership Services team and let them know your device, and version you are using. They might have some more questions as well.

You can contact them at

I hope it gets sorted out soon.

Thanks for the suggestion. I won’t bother the Membership Services team as I imagine they are overwhelmed as usual.
I turned my iphone off and on and the notifs for saved favourites appear now. Tbh I don’t use my phone much for THS stuff as I prefer to use my laptop for writing applications etc. And because the app does not let me do searches on EUROPE, it does not really suit my purposes anyway.

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