Where have sit alerts gone

I have asked Frankie, the Virtual Assistant this question but it was unable to offer any help. So I will post here :slight_smile:

since July 14th or thereabouts (that is when I first started noticing it) I have received no alerts when saved/favourited sits become available. I used to receive the alerts on a fairly regular basis and find it odd that in over 6 weeks I have had nothing. I have updated the app, removed and re-installed the app, but nothing has changed. I am sure I must be missing some sit alerts as a result

Hi Liz
You may have already done this, especially since you have attempted to fix it numerous times, but have you checked in your app settings that notifications are enabled?

I reinstalled the app about a week ago, and I noticed I wasn’t getting an alerts for sits that fit my saved search parameters. When I checked my settings, notification permissions were no longer enabled and I had to change it. I thought notifications being allowed was the default for most apps, but in this case, them being blocked was the default setting.

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Thanks for the suggestion - it’s a good one. But in my case my notification permissions are enabled, so it’s not that

We had the same on an iPhone @liz & someone asked if we’d done the latest IOS update. We hadn’t and that fixed it. Had tried the delete, reinstall etc before & didn’t help. Now finally, the alerts are back on :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

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Which is probably because of the latest update from THS. The earlier versions had a bug with alerts.

Generally I believe that it will be updated on phones automatically.


Hey guys, just to add to this those that have auto-updates enabled won’t have to update the app, but those that don’t have it enabled will have to update the app through Google Play store/Apple App store :slightly_smiling_face:

@SophiaK , how do I enable auto updates of the Trusted Housesitters app? (My iphone is already set for auto updates. )

Hi @mars if you have auto updates already set up on your iPhone you don’t need to do anything else as this will automatically update all of your apps as and when necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting, I didn’t know that. For some reason it didn’t automatically update the THS app. Per instructions by MS, I have had to delete and reinstall it a few times to get the updated versions in the past.

Hi @mars Since iOS 13, every app you download on your iPhone is automatically updated but it could depend which iPhone/iOS you have. There are a number of older devices that will not allow it to be updated.

@mars I’m the same as you and I have an iPhone 11 which is not old enough to be in the category of not been automatically updated. I had to uninstall and reinstall recently to update. Seems like there are some inconsistencies.

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@Snowbird @mars I’m not sure if this applies to either of you but internet connectivity issues, (so Wifi dropping off during the update), are often a reason why Apps don’t update.

@Samox24 Highly unlikely to be an issue in my case.

@Snowbird @mars another possible reason why an iPhone won’t download and update Apps might be caused by a “full storage” on the device.
Also, sometimes missing or incorrect billing information will make you fail to download or update an app.

@Samox24 Again not my situation but thank you. It’s working fine for me these days so no concerns.

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Good to know @Samox24 , not my situation this time. I think it’s related to the app issue that many seem to be experiencing. Last night the app froze. After I deleted and reinstalled it was working ok again.

just wondering if there is any more updates on my question? I appreciate all the replies that members have offered but none have solved my issue. I have still not had any feedback from “chat” or from mods. I am quite sure that I am missing alerts from saved and favourited sits as I have gone back and checked some of them

Hi @liz. I am sorry to hear that you’re still having problems receiving alerts. I know this has been an ongoing and I’m sure frustrating issue for you.

I would get back to the Membership Service team and ask for their help. This time I would email them directly as sometimes the chat function doesn’t forward on chats for issues it thinks have been resolved. You can reach them at support@trustedhousesitters.com.

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Would not it be more efficient if “tech” would reply and interact here?

Hello @pietkuip This is a great question and I will definitely pass your feedback on to the wider team. We are looking at ways to share more tech updates on the forum and updates on new features etc.

However for individual issues, if everyone posted them on the forum rather than going to Membership Services and the tech team spent lots of time replying to them directly here that would not be feasible.

Each case and account needs to be looked into individually, specific information collected and Membership Services keep a paper trail (digitally). There is also an internal escalation process for the tech team.

We also can not post private account details/information to the forum and in some cases, this might need to be discussed.

Membership Services have access to all of this so if anyone is experiencing specific issues with their accounts it is always best to go via those channels.

For more general updates we are happy to look at ways we can incorporate these on the forum.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: