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Hi all
My notifications of new sit’s don’t seem to be coming through. Is anyone else having the same problem or has it just gone quite?

On iPhone, they have gone to version 2.42.0, yesterday it seems.

Since then, has been totally quiet here too. Which could be a coincidence, but I don’t trust it anymore.

(The version prior to this one 2.41.2 had fixed a bug and restored sound for push notifications. Now nothing: no sound, no banners, no nothing it looks like.)

@Crazydoglady happy anniversary and yep! Gone quiet! :shushing_face:

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Hello @Crazydoglady @pietkuip and @ziggy, This has been reported to tech support. Will let you know of any updates.


Thanks I thought it was my phone! I’ve even reset it. Yay it’s working now :star_struck:

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I also got a push notification now of a favourite. Maybe it was just a lull in activity.

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