No more notifications from THS?

I (and two other people I talked to) no longer receive notifications from THS informing me about posted reviews and messages pet owners send me incl acceptance for a sit.

Is it due to some changes THS have conducted or something else? I haven’t changed any settings. To check incoming messages I need now to login into my THS account and check my inbox … which of course delays my response (at best)

ETA … p.s. the above only applies to the web, notifications do come via app

I usually get notifications but some have slipped through the net. I don’t use the app at all as just can’t get to grips with it. I generally check my in box every day, which is what you obviously do too.

@Smiley, no I don´t or rather didn´t. Only noticed this a couple of hours ago while chatting with other members and none of us got any notifications.

What has stopped for me is the email I used to get asking me to give feedback for my last housesit. I just do it and message the HO for a review if they haven’t done it

HI @RadarInc as this is a Membership Services question I’m going to ask @Lucy-Moderator to pick this up for you when she is next on line.

Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and hello @RadarInc, sorry to hear that you have not been receiving these emails.

I have had a quick look myself and think I will need some additional support from the wider team. What I will do is ask them to look into this and will email you directly.

All the best