Messages not getting through - anyone else?

We’ve been THS members for a good few years now, and have found it a great way to find some fantastic people to look after our dog and house when we’re away. The one big problem we’ve had, though, is the THS messaging system.

We had a nightmare a couple of years ago when an excellent sitter (who we’ve since used) applied for a sit, we sent an enthusiastic response and didn’t hear from him again. After further problems with the messaging system (again involving messages not getting through) we found someone else for that sit. But we were curious to know what had happened with the original applicant, as it just didn’t ring true that he’d simply gone quiet. And after discovering that messages we’d sent the other sitter hadn’t reached her, we messaged the original applicant. It turned out he’d been really keen to do the sit and wondered why we hadn’t got back to him. He’s sat for us since then, is a lovely man and there’s no possibility that he’d have claimed to have messaged us if he hadn’t.

We spent (literally) hours emailing THS support about this at the time, only to be told that there was nothing wrong with their messaging system. And yet various sitters we’ve had have said it’s unreliable.

Is there anyone else out there who’s had/is having problems with the THS messaging system? I ask because it seems we’re having similar problems with another prospective sitter. I know there can be issues if a member’s said they don’t want emails from THS, but that doesn’t explain all the problems we’ve had in the past. (Though it would obviously be good if there was an option for people to say no to marketing/news emails but still get email notifications if someone’s contacted them on THS!)

Hello @Mamalula and welcome to our Community Forum we are so glad you have joined and look forward to hearing about your TrustedHousesitters journey over the years, I’m sure you have some wonderful experiences to share.

I’m sorry you are having issues with the messaging system and I’m passing this over to @Therese-MembershipService in our Membership Services Team who will look into this for you.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members both new and like you experienced TrustedHousesitters members.

Angela and the Team

@Mamalula thank you for your post. I have emailed you directly via membership services.
Kind regards Therese

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We’ve never had this problem but we usually exchange personal emails after the sit is confirmed so that we can keep in touch that way in case anything does go awry with the THS messaging system and we have a back up means of contact.

Have they checked their spam/junk box. Some e mails we receive from THS seem to end up there whilst others go to the inbox.