Apple 🍎 VS Android 🤖 notifications

I have owned this brand new android for only 6 months. It’s updated to the latest OS, and has plenty of free memory.

I don’t get ANY notifications.
Not for favorites, not for safe searches, nothing.

My husband uses an iPhone 6s which came out in 2015. His phone is blowing up with notifications about new sits, saved searches, and favorites. All day and all night.

Does anyone know what is the ratio of IPhone to Android users on this platform?

I’m so frustrated that this EIGHT YEAR OLD PHONE has more functionality on TH than the new android?

Can @Ben-ProductManager make this work, or can you outsource this to someone else who can?

Check the app in settings, notifications might be off. Mine did an update yesterday, and it altered it to off I only realised this morning

Thanks for the suggestion, but I did do that, pre-rant :wink:

Hi @MissChef this must be very frustrating for you … the best way to manage this is to go directly to the Membership Services Team as we cannot manage tech issues on the forum, if you message them on and provide all of the device tech info together with which version of the App you have they will take it up either with their agents or escalate it to the tech squad.

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful but hopefully they can get to the bottom of it, this may already be in the fix log.

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Hi @MissChef. I’m sorry to hear you’re not receiving THS notifications on your new phone. I’m on Android and get all kinds of notifications from THS. I don’t think it’s an Android vs Apple issue.

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That’s what support said previously

Hmmm! Interesting!


I also have Android (Samsung S22)

I get notifications all the time. I was going to suggest going into settings > Apps > TH to check notifications, but you said you did that.

There is turning on the notifications and then giving permissions to notifications… Have you done both?

Also go into the TH app itself and make sure the notifications are turned on there.

So you need to do it in the settings of your Android phone and then the separate settings of the TH app. Let us know if that works


Yes everything is on track. I do know how all this works, but I understand that many people don’t know how to get inside the guts of their phones :slightly_smiling_face:

You will see in one of these images, it even says that trusted house sitters is not updated for Androids most recent version!

@MissChef What model phone do you have? This is really weird.

Try uninstalling and installing the TH app. Then make sure that all the notifications/permissions are on in the Android settings and then the TH app separately. Also make sure that the Android TH app is updated to the latest version as well in the Google Play Store

Because your phone is new, you shouldn’t be seeing that the app doesn’t support the latest version of Android…

I’ve been Team Android for 20 years, so I have a good/great sense of how all this works lol


I, too, have had an Android phone since they were a thing. This is my third Google phone, and 5th Android. Currently it’s a pixel 6A. Before this I had a pixel 4A, and it never got notifications either.

I think in the past I uninstalled and reinstalled, but I’ll try it again. I’ll update if there’s any changes.

same problem here.

What I noticed, if I go in settings, notifications, app notifications, I can t find the THS app in the list.

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I have a problem, I am not able to solve. I have an android phone.
I am not getting notification on my phone for the saved search. Things I tried:
In the app:

  • reinstalled the app
  • saved the search from the app
  • enabled all the notification in the app (message alerts, saved search, sitting updates)

In the app info THS application (long press on the icon and click on i of information):

  • I checked that the notifications are allowed
  • gave all the possible permission

What I noticed, if I go in settings, notifications, app notifications, I can t find the THS app in the list.

Anyone knows how to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks, it seems a similar problem and not solved yet.

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I’ve been having this problem the entire time I’ve been on TH.

I started escalating the issue in January, and it’s still not resolved.

No notifications have never worked consistently for me on my android. My husband is logged in on his iPhone and it works just fine.

Hi All … I have posed this question/problem to our technical team and I will let you know what they say as soon as possible.

Hi All … To give you a quick update. I believe it is a bug which will be addressed as soon as possible.
I am so sorry that I cannot give you any form of timing at the moment.

@danilo @MissChef To give you a little more info regarding the app not showing in settings > notifications > app notifications, One of the tech team noticed that on their pixel device that there’s a filter applied by ‘most recent’ and they had to change it to ‘All apps’ so maybe that’s what’s happening your side regarding the app not showing. However the bug still remains and is being looked at.

Unfortunately, it is not present.
It seems other apps have the same bug.

Can you pass this link to the tech group? It seems they solved id.

If I can help, feel free to DM me.


This is not the problem, as I have checked every setting, repeatedly, and I still do not receive any updates or notifications from this app.

I cringe to think about how many sits I have missed out on the opportunity to apply :confused: