Turning on notifications in App

I use the App on an Android. I receive notifications by email when listings match my saved searches. I would like to receive notifications on my phone when a favorited listing posts dates.

I have all notifications turned on in the THS App. When I go into my phone to allow notifications by specific Apps, THS does not appear in the list of my Apps.

Is this a known problem? Just last week I uninstalled and re-installed to fix the problems with the search function.


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They know .

Many of us have been complaining for months .

Don’t hold your breath

Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum

We resolved a couple of issues on notification last week.

If you are still having issues please follow up with membership services with your details and device, so this can be investigated further.

Many Thanks, Ben

It is my temper I need to hold. Frustrating.

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omg, another major app bug? :exploding_head:

I just bought a brand new android phone today (Samsung S23), partly in the hopes that it would work better with the THS app.

Imagine my complete chagrin upon discovering the exact problem described above, which didn’t exist with my older phone of the same type. (though with that phone I went a month with the app not working, like many others did.)

I’ll leave it at that, or I shall surely lose my composure. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :cold_sweat:

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