Poll about push notifications in the app (android/iPhone)


  • I have an android phone and I can get push notifications
  • I have an android phone and I cannot get push notifications to work
  • I have an iPhone and I can get push notifications
  • I have an iPhone and I cannot get push notifications to work

So several members report that they never get any push notifications from the THS app. THS have acknowledged that there have been problems in the past with the android app, but that bugs were fixed in newer versions.

Of course, to get notifications, those should be enabled on the phone. It seems that the problem is that sometimes the THS app does not appear in the list of apps with notifications where they can be enabled. Personally, I am not affected and on my iPhone it looks like this:

Then of course there need to be notifications generated. That should happen in the following cases:

  • when an application was accepted
  • when an application was declined
  • when there is a new message in the THS inbox
  • when a listing that one marked as a favourite has new dates
  • when there are new dates for a listing in the area of a Saved search that one had created in the app (Saved searches created in the web interface don’t do that, they should generate email alerts)

Maybe this helps to solve some problems. And to find out if there are still real bugs. Then it might be helpful for the developers to know about version numbers of the app and about the hardware.

(I hope this poll works, I have never created one before. No it did not. @Carla - is this something that you could help with?)

I have an android phone and i cannot get push notifications to work.

I’ve raised this with MS and supplied screenshots to confirm that notifications in the app are set up to receive saved search alerts. Their response is that there are no faults in their system.

We’re obviously missing out on favourite sits.

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I do get push notifications on my Samsung android and also my Samsung tablet. However when I looked at the settings I noticed this ‘tip’ and wondered if that might be affecting anyone that isn’t getting notifications through.

I also notice that if I haven’t used my phone for a few hours and then pick it up I often then get a notification through?! Not sure if this is purely coincidence or I have some weird setting that tries not to disturb me if I am not touching my phone?


@Shannon my android phone does the same. If I haven’t used my phone for a few hours then pick it up again, I get heaps of notifications come through all at once. No sleep or do not disturb settings activated :person_shrugging:


Glad it is not just me. Feels a bit spooky at times :joy:


I have an android phone.

I get notifications of favorite home listings on my cell.

I get notifications of new messages to my inbox on my cell
AND to my email.

I do not have any saved searches on app or web site.

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I have a Samsung Android and my husband has a Motorola Android. We both get push notifications.

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iPhone oddity: I realized belatedly that THS is pushing alerts (from favorited sits) to an old iPhone of mine, even though I’ve switched phones. It’s not pushing to all devices (I have several iPhones and iPads that are in active use) — just to one I no longer use. I didn’t realize, because those push notifications disappear when enough new ones come along. And I rarely look at that old phone — I sometimes carry it when traveling, as a backup device.

I’ll have to see whether I need to delete the app on my old phone and reinstall on my new primary phone. I don’t care much, so no rush, but I mention this oddity in case it might be affecting anyone else and they just don’t realize it.

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Android user, and I get notifications on my phone.

I have a Samsung Android phone and get notifications. Previously I had a Motorola Android and that also received notifications, although they did seem to have a habit of disappearing if I didn’t read them quickly enough!

Android and I get notifications though often only when I open my phone and sometimes only when I open the THS app!

Android and I get notifications for favourited sits, saved locations, messages etc in real time (with maybe an hour delay on saved searches) I don’t get emails telling me about upcoming sits and checklists etc which have been mentioned on here but that’s another story.

That being said, my phone HATES the THS app because it frequently crashes and would love nothing more than to put it into deep sleep and tells me so every day usually when I click on a notification to see what new listing has been added. Every so often I try to appease my phone by uninstalling and reinstalling the app but the peace only lasts a few days before we are back to crashing. At least the bug that stopped me writing more than 10 words in the app seems to have been sorted.

Like @Shannon i have a Samsung phone (Galaxy A53 5G) but although THS is listed in Apps (with notifications on) it isn’t listed in Notifications - I did a hard restart to see if that fixed it, but it didn’t.
I do however get notifications on my iPad.

Android user here. I was previously not receiving any push notifications despite the app and phone settings allowing them to my device. After inquiring on another thread yesterday and seeing this post today, I deleted my saved searches then uninstalled the app on my device. Once reinstalled and saving my searches again, I am receiving push notifications for new listings on those saved searches. I will assume the other scenarios will work as expected once I hit those scenarios in the coming days.

Thanks for posting :raised_hands:


I am an android user and I always receive notifications. No issues here

@B1anca my phone does this too! Always tells me THS is ruining my phone’s performance lol

Its working now though

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Hello @pietkuip thanks for the tag. We are currently not running the poll feature on the forum for members or staff to use (this is something we can look into with the new forum team) in the meantime this post is an excellent idea and I can see that you are already collecting some data and helpful ideas.

For more data, I have an iPhone with the latest app version and get both my favourite and saved search notifications. I don’t have any set up via the platform/email so I don’t know about those.

I mentioned in another post that THS is looking at a new CRM system to help send saved searches via email more often, but apparently, this system will also help with app notifications when it is all set up so watch this space and we will share if there are any updates.

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Hi peope!
I have an Iphone 6s
Push notifications work but is absolutely frustrating that when I get one and tap instantly the listing is over and shows “reviewing applications” or “currently not in need for a sitter”.
It’s been like that for more than a year of using the app. The forum is full of users complaining about malfunction of push notification and saved search alerts. I’ve also tried with and Android phone and it’s the same and met several sitters who had experienced this.
I hope @TrustedTeam @TrustedHousesitters can work on this because otherwise it feels like paying for a service that’s working 50%

@ignacio Yes, that is the problem that THS sends out push notifications for sits that have already become unavailable.

It does not make sense.

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