App notifications not working (again!)

Hello @Elaine

I am sorry to hear that there has not yet been a solution for your particular issue. The information that the forum team have is as above, which was posted earlier today.

The only idea that I have is as it has been fixed today is to try reinstalling your app?

Outside of that, it would be reaching out to the Membership Services team again or I am happy to ask them to reach back out to you. Feel free to DM me :slight_smile:

@Carla_C I’ve already reached out to them and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. As mentioned above this is not my first time with this issue and as you can see in the thread it has been fixed for some but not others. But noone is answering the question of why? Why is this happening again?

@Elaine I am really sorry but at the moment the forum team do not have any more information about this.
I want to get you some help so I have asked the Membership Services team to review your previous correspondence and to reach back out to you. I really hope that there is a resolution for you soon.

Still not working :sob:

@Carla_C since I’m always telling you when stuff has gone pear shaped and bending your ear, as of this morning my search notifications are working again, the searches now have their own set of issues due to the ‘fixes’ with the new release but at least I’m getting notifications.

Any chance you could tell the production team to stop ‘fixing’ things that aren’t broken :grin:

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Hello @Elaine Thank you for the update and I am really pleased that they are now working for you :raised_hands: :grin:

I will copy the link to the other thread for others reading this, where Ben the Product Manager talks about the new saved search release and the glitches they are working to fix: