very buggy app

Is anyone else experiencing a very buggy app? Since Aug or so my saved searches are always getting muddled as I scroll back and forth between them. Scotland searches end up in London etc. Also why do HO who live miles out of central London keep posting in the London categories - of which there are 3! City of London, which is only 1 sq mile, London plus Greater London. THS app should geo-locate the sits better. I have a saved search for Manchester then see sits which aren’t so near either.

Also, I get notifications for local UK sits at 1am and 2am - why is there posting at that time of night? Then when I go online and the sit is already closed to new applications.

My email saved searches has not worked for years now even though customer service here keep telling me its operating fine at their end.

The answer is Yes to everything you mentioned. I joined 2 years ago and it was the same and I believe it will be the same for many more years to come.
I want to sit IN the city of San Francisco and sits in Cambell one hour away appear in that search. There is no way to get results Only in the city limits that you are looking for.
How long have they said they will change the review system? I think I read it first in February.