Saved Searches (Locations varied)

Hi All, trusting you are all happy, healthy and enjoying sits.
IDK when THS made changes, however in my saved searches the locations has changed widely.
Eg: Cambridge UK it gives me listings for Norwich, Suffolk, Essex and Greater London (I know the UK is not very big compared to other Countries, I grew and spent most of life in Australia) however transport to many of the smaller villages and hamlets if not driving can take all day.
I have another saved search for Cambridgeshire UK (that seems to be an even bigger area) It’s the same with my Bristol search, it used to be in the area, now it shows me sits in Swindon that’s a 50min drive on the Motorway or train ride that’s providing you are not then trying to get to a small village/hamlet.
Any suggestions, I deleted all my saved searches and set new ones, however am still getting the same results, my phone is pinging constantly.
Thanks in advance.
I have checked my other searches and it’s the same.

In the web interface, one can define Saved searches from a square on the map. Those generate a daily email, at local evening.

(You may need to delete some searches first. For Basic members, the limit on the web interface is three Saved searches.)

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I have the same problem which i have notified THS about, my suggestion is that they need to fix it by adding a distance filter. I want a specific city on the south coast in Sussex, i do not want 50 miles away in Surrey but yet i keep getting notified of these sits. Even better i also get notified for the IoW!!
It’s very frustrating and i can only think THS want sitters to see these sits on the off chance they will be able to do them. This is not the case for me, i only want a 5 miles radius, anywhere else I’m not interested.
I havent heard of the website being more specific than the app.


Agreed. Put in ‘London’ and it shows sits 40 miles away in the sticks. You can adjust the map on the phone app, but when you ‘redo the search’ is opens the map to a wider area again. Come on THS please sort out this glitchy interface!


Ah, thank you, so there has clearly been a change and it’s not just me thinking I am going mad or something… (that could still the case, lol)
I too want just Cambridge as I am always looking for local house sits, so set one for just Cambridge, it used to give just Cambridge City, I have a Cambridgeshire search that used to give just that, now they are combined and I get sit notifications for sits for a very large area, not in East Anglia, Essex, Norwich, Great London etc, it is not useful at all. I thought it might have been just the Camb’s searches I have then I started getting the same huge radius for my Bristol saved search, some were in Northern Wales, right near the Boarder of Liverpool.
Hmmm hopefully they sort it as it’s very frustrating having to keep looking up the old google maps to see where on earth half these places are located.
Happy sitting.

It’s getting very frustrating indeed, I agree. The Phone app, yes it does do that it’s annoying.
Hopefully they sort this out soon.
Happy sitting.

Thank you, I am mostly on the app so it drops in my notification bar, due to the search area changes THS have made, before Christmas I was getting hundreds of notifications a day, I thought I’d changed something by accident, I deleted all my searches and re entered them, it feels like I made it even worse as I have overseas searches along with quite a few UK ones.
Hopefully whatever THS did it’s going to get sorted soon.
Happy Sitting.