Saved searches problem

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this problem but thought I’d post the issue here to draw attention to THS & see if anyone else has experienced it. I use the website, not the app (which I just can’t get along with!)

One of my saved searches is for Hay on Wye, UK from 11 May - 9 June and up pops a sit in Tewkesbury which is 48 Miles away. Now, why is that?

You’ll also notice the link states: ‘Browse 2 house sitting opportunities in Hay….’ yet there’s only 1 and it’s in Tewkesbury!

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@Smiley happens all the time. I think there needs to be an update to the way that locations are identified in the listing

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I think the whole software needs a big overhaul tbh!

@Smiley agreed

Hello, @Smiley As listing links can’t be posted to the forum, please reach out to the Membership Services team and they can have a look into this further for you. Thank you

Is it the wrong place for this post @Smiley? Or a subtle illustration of the confusion one feels when Tewksbury shows up as Hay on Wye? (Hee hee)


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@smiley @shella_in_the_forum …Ooopppssss…:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::joy::joy::joy::joy: