A glitch with searches including internet

Well, my “sabbatical” from the forum is over. I am back to report on some glitches I’ve had recently, just so others have a heads up.

Last week I noticed that a saved search that included London for specific dates, plus high speed internet was missing a result when I conducted the same search without the internet filter. The listing did indeed have internet, so it was a mystery. I emailed back and forth, took several screen shots etc, and was told that tech is aware of the issue and working on it. Until I know differently, I am not trusting the saved searches or the filters. Others might want to be careful too.

Good luck all!


@Shella_in_the_Forum thank you for your post but just so you know, tech support is working on this and will advise when corrected. Thank you for bringing it to their attention.

Thanks. I just wanted others to know and a quick search of the forum made me think that users weren’t aware of the issue. I was sad to learn I may have been missing some opportunities.