Saved Searches Mismatch

My nine saved searches on the app have gone wonky recently. My Washington State search brings up Vermont. My Anywhere 3+Days search brings up Vermont. I have a specific Vermont sit which brings up Vermont. My New York State, Montreal, Toronto, and the others are fine. I’ve tried deleting and resaving the Washington and Anywhere 3+ Days search and they are still mismatched.

At the risk of losing all my favorites, I deleted and redownloaded the Trusted Housesitters App. I still have the mismatch. I’ve tried rebooting my phone and it hasn’t helped.

Anybody else seen this glitch?

@AnnieNai , This is a known glitch. Tech support is aware.

Hi @AnnieNai as @mars mentioned there is a known glitch at the moment but I would also recommend forwarding this to the Membership Services Team at including a screen shot and they will take a look at this for you.

As a followup, I contacted customer support and provided a screenshot and other information that they requested. I received an email saying that my documentation of the glitch has been sent to Tech staff. They also offered a two-month membership extension for my effort, which is nice, but I said that I would prefer personal notification if and when the glitch is corrected. I don’t know if that will fly. Anyway, thanks for letting me know that it isn’t just me.

Problem fixed. I noticed about a week ago that my saved searches are working normally now. I think there was an update that came out and maybe that was when the bug was fixed. Thanks Tech Staff and Management.

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It bothers me that this wasn’t offered to everyone. I also contacted support and provided all the info they requested for the same problem. They sure didn’t offer me a two-month extension. Don’t all of us deserve it for putting up with a defective app for months??

I’m glad you got it though!