Another Glitch?

Not sure who to direct this to so adding to the Forum. I have an upcoming sit and received the Welcome Guide yesterday. I wanted to just acknowledge it and say we’d read it but when I clicked on “previous conversations” on the Upcoming House Sits page it didn’t take me to the earlier conversations or allow me to add a new message. Is there a problem or am I just not in the right part of the site to do this? ( I just checked conversations on completed sits and these are visible).

Hi @LizBCN If I can kindly ask you to refresh your page when you are in that message to see if it comes up. There is a little bug at the moment, that is bringing up blank screens in between toggling between sections. Our tech team are working on this, but in the meantime, refreshing your page helps.
If this is still persisting, please do email to investigate your specific situation.
Best wishes

Thanks for replying. I have refreshed the page but it’s still the same. However if the tech team is working on bugs I’ll wait a few days and see if it resolves itself before emailing support.

Thanks again

Hi @LizBCN Just a quick question, did you try logging out completely and then logging back in again? I have found that I have to do this and not just refresh the page for it to update properly. Hope this helps and if not then hopefully the tech team will resolve soon for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For the past few days when I search on the app, after several pages of results the same one or two listings are repeated over and over. Has this been reported yet?

thanks @mars Our tech team are aware and it will be addressed as soon as possible in the new year.

Hello, I don’t know if it’s only a mobile thing, but when I was writing an application yesterday, and today again. Al off a sudden the app blocked. No way I can continue. Then I get the message that the app is no longer responding. Yesterday I have made a printscreen of it, which I will add. Today I tried to correct and finish, and again the same happened.

This is what just happened now again.

I am sure it’s not my phone, as I can write this message now.

As I depend only off this device at the moment to apply for sits, it’s an important issue for me and all the other HS who don’t use the computer.

Hi @Lieve
Thank you for your image and the issue you are experiencing. I have passed this on to our tech team. However, they will only be able to look into it at the start of the new year.
In the meantime, I would recommend that you access the website through your phone’s browser and use it that way.

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Thank you for your advice, only I think I have different passwords on both, so I will try but and hope to be lucky.

The ‘reset password’ works well in this case, so let me know how you get on.

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And this “glitch” thread is getting as long as “The Thread Which Must Not be Named” :joy:
This one is a bit wild. All I wanted was all the sits in Italy; no dates, pets or extras. I think you need to give your mapping sub-contractor the boot @Ben-ProductManager

Google Maps embed API anyone?

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It’s a joke! Filters are not fit for purpose. Apologies in advance if this sounds negative.


Hi @Saltrams Ben and the teach team are on leave and will look into any reported issues when they are back online.

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Thank you Therese, I got connected.

Is anyone else having issues with the app? I scroll through the sits and at some point it shows the same sit over and over, then all sits disappear!?


I keep seeing the same listings on the website as well.


That had been happening to me. After scrolling and scrolling through the same sits, the app would invariably crash.
It hasn’t happened in a bit, but possibly because I haven’t been scrolling down as far.
It was maddening.

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This never works for me. I search for a sit in a town near me and I see sits for places hundreds of miles away!!!

Try moving to map view. I only use my phone app, so I’m not sure how it looks on the website, but on the phone it enables you to see what’s in the area you focus on.