Android app being buggy

Just an FYI for those that need to know; the Android app keeps crashing. It can’t handle replying to messages in my inbox and falls over every time.

If I cut and paste text from another application to use as a response, I can just about make it work, but all in all, it’s not looking healthy and seems to need attention.


I noticed another weird bug.
In the list of sits, the sit mentions 2 cats 2 dogs. When opening the sit it says 3 dogs, 18 cats?? (See pics) The latter seems to be correct.
Quite the difference :grinning:

Hi @Pips and sorry you have issues on your app. I’ve checked with the tech team and as it’s not an app wide general issue they need to know a bit more info to try and recreate the problem you’re having.

Can you tell me what device you are using and what version of Android and I will pass this information over to the team. Many thanks, Vanessa

Hi @Els I can’t reproduce this as on both web and app I get 18 cats when I search Anywhere or Greece. If you refresh is it still the same? If it is can you provide device and Android or iOS version?

Thanks :pray:

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Hi @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr I’m using Android 13 on a Google Pixel 4. All seems to be fine, unless I want to communicate with anyone. At that point, it falls over.


Thanks @Pips … I’ve passed this back and I’ll let you know when we hear back.

Hi @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr It seems fine now. Must’ve been a bug. It was on Android 9, Samsung Galaxy A8

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Having an awfully hard time with the app

Android 13 on pixel 6a

I have given up completely trying to use the app on my android 13 Google Pixel 4a. It crashes within a minute of opening it. Have deleted, redownloaded, restarted, tried everything but crashes every single time. TH techs have been unable to find a solution for me as much as they tried. It is soooo annoying when I get a notification of a sit and it takes me to the app page which subsequently crashes. I then have to log in to the desktop site and search for the sit. Very frustrating to say the least.


It works intermittently for me, which makes it deeply unreliable. It’s incredibly frustrating, but tbh, lots of the THS user experience is.

The company should employ @geoff.hom as a consultant - I reckon he could have everything streamlined and running like a well-oiled machine within a week! :+1:

I have a Samsung S22 Ultra. The app has been very delayed and buggy for the past 2-3 weeks for me. I always run updates and my phone is very new.

My app (Android v.13 on Pixel 6a) still hangs after scrolling through new sits. It gets to a point where it shows the same sit multiple times, then goes blank.

I ve also had problems sending messages on the app. After a few minutes of typing, there will start to be a long lag between using the keyboard and the characters on the screen changing to match my keystrokes. After another few minutes of typing, the app will crash

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Lassie, that is exactly what has been happening to me for the past six months or more, I’ve given up using the app :roll_eyes:


As a troubleshooting step for anyone with this problem, clear the cache on your default browser and let us know if that helps or not.



Same thing, Lassie


Sorry, you should exit the THS app first then clear cache. Restart THS app. Is it better or same?



I cleared cache and storage on the app, and the duplicate listings followed by blank screen still happens.

I have the exact same thing happen on my 6 month old phone. But as a new ‘feature’, when I log in through my laptop, I now see the same sit in the 3rd position every single time, for days on end. Nothing against Melbourne at Christmas, but it is far from new.

@GoldenLove I have tried this but unfortunately I still have the same issue of duplicate listings over and over and over on my IPhone 13 Pro Max :thinking:

Thanks for the sugg, I did this and restarted my phone. Still happening. Only difference this time is that normally it’s the 100th sit repeated.

This time it’s 3 sits 97-100, that all repeat as a group.

Damn I was very hopeful.

Such a shame when there is 5,400 sits but we only scoll through the first 100. Most of which are repaets at they have been boosted :triumph: