App crashes

Hello, I am very disappointed with your services. Just now I lost the possibility to apply to a sit because your app crashed again while I was writing my application on it. As advised I went to the web version straight away and what could I read: applications under review, where its had only 3 when I was writing my first attempt. On top of that I received a warning from Samsung to remove the THS app all together as it has so many crashes.
Last 6 days I have been 7.56 minutes on the app. I have been able to write 1 application which has been broken off and the second part of it I could finish over the websites. Off course that will not be taken into consideration. So a very unhappy customer is informing you!


HI @Lieve I’m sorry you are having tech issues we will close this topic and pass this directly to the Membership Services Team as we cannot solve here on the forum.

A member of the team will be in touch via email.

Thank you

If any member has similar issues please connect directly with the Membership Services Team on … When any member brings tech issues to the Forum we have to forward them to the team … going directly cuts out the “middle step” and will result in quicker and direct support.

Thank you

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