App Insufferable & Tech Support Specific Contact?

Hi all & Happy New Year.

I just sent an email to the general support email address regarding the mobile app which has been a disaster for the past few days (is this just me or are others experiencing this?) I got an auto reply back that didn’t fill me with comfort as my message clearly went to a general mailbox, not a tech support specific one. Is there a contact for actual tech support?

The messaging feature in the app is currently, and has been for the past few days, unusable. I can’t type more than a single sentence before it crashes… again… The inability to edit typos etc is really embarrassing when trying to communicate with a homeowner regarding a sit application.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi @Jliz I’m sorry you are having issues we are reporting back to the team and we will pass your message on directly as we cannot help with this via the Forum.
The Membership Services Team will also report this and the Tech support will pick up when they are back online.

Happy New Year to you also.

Thank you.

The Admin Team

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@Jliz as it’s not working for you right now, have you tried writing your message in a note, then copying & pasting all at once?

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Hello, I am very disappointed with your services. Just now I lost the possibility to apply to a sit because your app crashed again while I was writing my application on it. As advised I went to the web version straight away and what could I read: applications under review, where its had only 3 when I was writing my first attempt. On top of that I received a warning from Samsung to remove the THS app all together as it has so many crashes.
Last 6 days I have been 7.56 minutes on the app. I have been able to write 1 application which has been broken off and the second part of it I could finish over the websites. Off course that will not be taken into consideration. So a very unhappy customer is informing you!


Hi. Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve tried that and frequently it crashes as soon as I try to “right click” to paste the copied text… grrrrrrrr :frowning: Dont wish to be a complainer but it’s WAY worse than usual (it’s never been particularly stable).
Here’s hoping they get to it soon and get it sorted :crossed_fingers:

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I thought it was obvious but I’m notorious for telling people what they already know :joy:. Sorry to hear you are missing out on applications while it’s playing up.
Good luck in sorting it soon!


@Jliz can you let me have the device and App version you are using please. … You can Direct Message me with the info if you’d prefer.

@Lieve … which version of the App are you using please?

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Just another demonstration happening write now

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Everything is completely blocked now, the fact that I can take a screenshot and write you about it shows that your organisation has a problem dealing with HS service.

Justice managed to send my mobile number, don’t know if they can receive it.

I don’t use the app at all, have tried twice and don’t like it. I only use the website

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Same here - website all the way. The only time I check on the app is to look at previous sitters/feedback for a sit.


And again it happened, completely blocked when I tried to reply decently. I now just pass my private contact details first and hope to be able to write an extra explanation later. In this case it just didn’t work.

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And again it happened.

Now I just managed to getting my contact detail’s over. So probably I’ll never get a response.

Just to clarify, I have checked my phone on all possible viruses, and other kind off spyware etc…

Hi @Lieve could you please advise which version of the App you are using? Tech are trying to replicate the issue without success.

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I am using the latest version to my knowledge, updated the 22nd of November 2022. On my Android 13 version Samsung Galaxy A52s mobile phone.

Just to inform you about another mater, the screenshot I just took less than a minute ago. + 600 sits available in Spain, this can not be correct.

@Lieve Angela is currently offline. However all of your details regarding your App issues have been passed to the tech team and they will be looking into these for you and getting back to you once they have further information.
I am unable to recreate the issue with the Spanish sits/map on my App, so will pass that information regarding your map onto the tech team as well.
Thank you

Hi Tech support,
This is Elizabeth Jayne
I’m using v 2.13.0 on Android (Samsung f20)


Lieve, I know your frustrations. Exactly the same thing happened to me, everything that you have said. I have had communication with tech support and they cannot find what’s wrong. They suggested it could be my phone and to go to a store and get that checked out. Well I know it’s not my phone as so many others are having the exact same problem!

I have given up completely, using the app, it just does NOT work! And oh how frustrating when we were locked out/too late for a sit application because of this problem.

Stick to the desktop and forget about the app is my suggestion, this problem has been going on for months and nothing can or is being done about it though soooo many have complained about it happening.