When will App problems get fixed?

About a month ago I got tired of the notices to upgrade the THS app for androids. Against my better judgment I did it and have continual problems since then. The big ones that I notice are that you can’t toggle from different saved searches. eg I look at saved search for Paris. Then click on a saved search for sits over 1 month. It still shows me Paris until I click out of the app entirely and start over. Yesterday I wanted to update my calendar. I see the calendar and click edit but it takes me to my HO listing. I cant change my sitter calendar on the phone. When will these problems be fixed? Really we are paying for this service. It is so frustrating to see tests that change our carefully written profiles without permission or notice when basics are ignored.


Usually when the service is free, then YOU are the product: changes are made without consent (or even notification!) and your info is “sold” to advertisers.

Here, it feels like HOs and sitters pay AND they are also the product… But sitters are 2nd class.


Same here. It’s been nearly a month now and as usual hopeless communication, no updates to customers about the issues. We are just left to flounder around on the forum to find out there is an actual app issue. When we go to THS support as directed by forum moderators we either get no timely response to emails or scant information saying a fix is coming, no timeline, nothing. It’s such bad customer service. “Dedicated customer support” what a joke.



It’s been blowing my mind that it’s been weeks that the app has been nearly unusable for so many of us.
I’ve never once waited this long for a bug fix, even on free apps.

I keep reinstalling the app, hoping it has been fixed.
I rarely complain, but this is the core of the service, and to leave it so broken for so long (and with no communication about it) is… weird.


Thanks for your feedback we’ve passed this back to the team and will post any updates.
Meanwhile the direct to Membership Services route is always open … support@trustedhousesitters.com

@Angela_L contacting support is useless, these days you are lucky to get a reply and then it’s just “we’re fixing it”. How about an email blast out to everyone with a bit more detail about why it’s taking so long and an apology? THS seems to not know how to do good customer service!

@SophiaK as the new,community manager can you please get some support for all of us from THS support. An email communicating what the problem is and how long it’s going to take to fix would be nice! Oh, and some free months added to subscriptions like other members have been given as compensation for an unusable app.

I just now deleted and reinstalled the app and it seems to be working correctly. My saved searches are back in order.

Update: I just checked again and it’s still not working right. :worried:

Tell it to them, with all the screen shots etc, and you may also be awarded the generous gift of two months membership :slight_smile:

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@mars, I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Like you, I get all excited for a minute then back to disappointment & frustration :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hey @Crookie thank you for the feedback. I hear your frustrations :slightly_frowning_face: and get where everyone is coming from. We will try our utmost best in providing clarity and open communication for the community regarding technical, app, platform issues etc.

Yes @SophiaK , that would be nice.

It would also be good with a document that explained the differences. Max 3 saved searches can be added in the web interface, but in the apps that is 10. Or that one needs to use the app to see missing reviews from sitters.

Or eliminate such differences (of course in the direction that is best for members).

I’ll add my two cents here because it’s really getting unbearable. I try to do a search, I look at one sit, try to go back to the map, white screen.
I need to restart the app after every sit I look at. The amount of time that takes is the difference between being one of the first five and the sit reviewing. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and I’ve even tried using the web version, but the map is unusable there too.
Losing patience. What am I paying for here??

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It might be better if you turn your phone to landscape mode.

But I cannot check if that works because my login is through Facebook, and that connection seems to be broken (has been broken for weeks now). It could be that something has changed at Facebook, and I know how annoying that is for developers, but THS should adapt to such changes. As you say, we are paying customers.

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Hi Sheila. I have another problem with THS, not particularly with the app. One sit I did in Hanoi, Vietnam is now shows in completed house sits as San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain. Another done in Oberursel, Germany shows at Pleasant Point, New Zealand. Apparently It can’t be changed. I contacted support and got this response.
Unfortunately, if the pet parent moves locations and updates their listing accordingly this will update the location that the sit has taken place as well. The reason for this is that your sit is attached to the listing rather than the specific dates.
Anyone else have this problem? Cheers, Keith

Hi @Keith1 this is normal for the location to change if the pet parent/homeowner moves to a different location. Support have given you the correct information.

Yeah I ran into that one years ago. It’s by design rather than a glitch.

Mildly annoying because it shows that I visited/sat in a place that for political reasons I would avoid. The more sits I have completed the more it gets buried, so the sting is less. However I could see if someone was trying to build experience in Asia (for example) and their month in Tokyo now looked like a month in Tampa, I would be really put out.

Oh my, is it that bad?

There was a time in Europe that one did not want to be seen to be vacationing in Spain, but that is decades ago. And there was the Trump-slump in transatlantic flights. But currently, everybody seems to be flying anywhere again. (Well, not to Russia.)

I agree that people could be a bit more discerning about where they choose to spend their money. But then, house sitting is not injecting that much into a country’s economy. And it creates personal connections, which is a good thing.

I deliberately chose to leave for interpretation the oblique reference to U.S. politics. Take it where you like.

Hi all, I just published a post regarding app update for Android & iOS, we will keep everyone posted on the thread :grinning: Android & iOS Update 2.24.0


Fabulous. A welcome change. All we’ve ever asked is to be kept in the loop and be consultedon things that dramatically affect our experience as members. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how amiable we’ll all be if you do.

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