Is this a glitch?

Hi @Ben-ProductManager
I wondered if you know about this? On the last two applications I have done, when I press to apply a pop-up says ’ Your application could not be sent - this pet parent is no longer accepting applications’ ( see screenshot below)

  • but ( I think) they are. They only had 1 other applicant and according to my inbox my application has been sent. Could you please confirm whether it has been sent or not?

Hi @Colin I can see that the application has been sent and received.

I’m not sure why that pop-up displayed as the date is still live. Looks like some connection issues when sending, I’ll try and recreate in our test environment, thanks for heads up.

Thanks, Ben

@Therese-Moderator could you take a look at this for the member.

I ran into exactly the same problem yesterday but as I was cursing (:wink:) I realized that my application had crossed paths with the HO’s invite so I chalked the error up to that. Not sure if she invited because she saw that I had favorited, our if it was in response to my clicking apply to open up my opportunity.

“We fixed the glitch.”

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@Colin my “Glitch” with the App seems to be playing up today, I scroll down to look for new listings but after a certain point it then shows the same listing over and over with no new listings… is anyone else having this issue? :thinking:

Yes. It has been discussed on a couple of other threads.

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@Lassie I had seen on other threads that a duplicate listing was showing from one page and then again on the next page but this issue is the same listing over and over so maybe 10 plus times once I get to a certain point whilst scrolling through. I haven’t seen this issue before.

Thank you @Lassie - I use the app on an Apple IPhone 13 Pro Max so it looks like it’s not just an Android issue

There is another thread about the problem, maybe the “product Updates” one, but I can’t remember

The lead pic on my app all day when I set to USA is a toilet in Nevada. Not very becoming.

Also, still seeing lots of glitches on my Apple phone of the same sit further down being reposted numerous times in a row.

For now I’ve stopped searching for anything.

Hi@SoloTraveler - yes the toilet is still there. The listing does not have a ‘new’ status and the dates are not for Xmas so not sure why it is there at the top.
I also see many repeat sits further down my search. I no longer have any idea of the priority listings are given. It is very difficult to search for sits unless you are looking for particular dates in a specific area. Even then the search doesn’t always come up with the goods!
Very frustrating and time consuming.
Hopefully the toilet will disappear soon :joy:

@SoloTraveler I can confirm that toilet has been sitting at the top of one of my searches since yesterday. Other new sits never get any higher than second place - or should that be number 2?!

We have rectified this now. Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: