Is this a glitch?

Hi @Ben-ProductManager
I wondered if you know about this? On the last two applications I have done, when I press to apply a pop-up says ’ Your application could not be sent - this pet parent is no longer accepting applications’ ( see screenshot below)

  • but ( I think) they are. They only had 1 other applicant and according to my inbox my application has been sent. Could you please confirm whether it has been sent or not?

Hi @Colin I can see that the application has been sent and received.

I’m not sure why that pop-up displayed as the date is still live. Looks like some connection issues when sending, I’ll try and recreate in our test environment, thanks for heads up.

Thanks, Ben

@Therese-Moderator could you take a look at this for the member.

I ran into exactly the same problem yesterday but as I was cursing (:wink:) I realized that my application had crossed paths with the HO’s invite so I chalked the error up to that. Not sure if she invited because she saw that I had favorited, our if it was in response to my clicking apply to open up my opportunity.

“We fixed the glitch.”

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