Issue when searching for a sit in Cheltenham, UK

I’m searching for a sit in Cheltenham and get a message saying: 3 house sits in Cheltenham, United Kingdom accepting applications (see screenshot).
Er, no! None of the 3 is in Cheltenham. Can this be fixed?

Edited to remove listing info

Hi @Smiley please forward to the Membership Services Team via including screen shot

App or Website @Smiley? I looked and got 2 sits, both in Chelters.
We are based there, so my interest was piqued. We’re not HO’s though, sorry.

Website. I don’t get on with the app at all. As my screenshot was removed, it brought up Great Malvern, Ludlow and Bristol. None of which are ‘in Cheltenham’!

Not sure why my screenshot was removed but I’ll forward it to support as you suggest

@Smiley - just seen a new sit in Cheltenham 11-27 November.
One dog and a 20 minute walk to centre. Not sure if you have seen it or if it is of interest.

Thanks, I’m looking for March/April 2024. It’s just that it said there were 3 sits during those dates “in Cheltenham” but none of them were anywhere near Cheltenham

Not sure if my issue is similar, but when i search for a specific location I’m constantly getting notifications for places that are often a distance of some 40mins away! In one example, as my location is on the south coast, places on the Isle of Wight also get included!
I absolutely hate that there isnt a ‘max miles’ function so you can choose the radius. I get that some ppl might be looking in a rough area, but that’s not always the case, and i have to waste my time checking sits i have no interest in. Rant over…!!

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Yes it happens for all locations I believe & really needs sorting out

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