Help! No responses to our search for a sitter!

We are new to TrustedHousesitters and planning a trip away in October half term. We had one immediate response but the sitter didn’t get any notifications from the website so made other arrangements. Since then, we haven’t had any responses and are beginning to run out of time. My question is whether we are now very unlikely to find anyone as we are only 3 weeks away from our trip or do some sitters organise sits last minute? I’m also not sure why we haven’t had more responses and would welcome any advice. Our advert is for a Great Dane and 2 Jack Russells in our Somerset farmhouse.


Hi @Bene @Vanessa-Admin @Angela-CommunityManager I will email you directly from membership services as we can boost your listing again, so it then goes to the top of the website and is sent out to all available sitters again by email.


Hi @Bene,

I’m not sure why we hadn’t spotted your sit yet. I’ve just had a look and it looks wonderful. Your animals look adorable and I loved seeing the photos of all the dogs playing together despite the size difference!

I had been thinking it might be wise to look for sits closer to home this half term, especially with the fuel issues that we have in the UK at the moment. We live in Cheltenham , which isn’t very far away, and my husband actually works in Bristol / Bath / North East Somerset for part of the week.

You may receive an application from us soon!


Hi @Bene welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from Somerset.

Stan, Pippa, Hattie & Blousey are adorable and Stan, your Great Dane “puppy” must give you much puppy joy, as all of your other dogs will have done, a wonderful sitting opportunity for our dog loving sitters.

@Therese-MembershipService will be contacting you with some help and advice and we can share your listing on our Social channels, if this is something you would like, if you would please Direct Message me.

members on the forum will have some tips and advice and thank you @Debbie, those are great insights.

Thank you and welcome again.

Angela and the Team

Thank you for all your help, Angela and team. Super swift work which resulted in a wonderful family contacting us to housesit.


That’s such great news @Bene thank you so much for sharing and have a lovely trip.

Hi … we’ve just had a break down Somerset lol! Your place and dogs sound amazing. We have owned large breeds before …saint Bernard and Chihuahuas staffies to horses donkeys chickens Shetland ponies cats etc etc… we drive too.
Anyway hope you get sorted but if you dont then please get in touch …
We were looking for a long term sit but if your stuck we will help you .