Issues with Saved Searches

I tried to edit my list of saved searches. Site would not allow me to delete several of them. And when I was searching for new sits, the cities were not even visible as options – these are major cities and ones I’ve saved before. They just didn’t show up in the list so I couldn’t even search for sits there. What is going on???

Are you trying to do this in the web interface or in the app? (Deleting should be possible in both.)

I have not noticed any changes today.

I’ve had all kinds of problems with Saved Seaches and now don’t rely on them at all. Despite reporting it to Admin I don’t get notifications for several places I’ve saved and for days often get one same notification over and over. It’s very unsatisfactory.

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Hello @Traveler99 I’m sorry to hear your saved searches are being a pain!

Did you get your saved searches deleted?

As @pietkuip mentioned you should be able to delete them from both the app and website.
Let us know if you need more help or Membership Services can log into your account and check what is happening for you. Feel free to reach out to them.

I’ve recently noticed that some of my saved sits don’t show members who are not currently needing sits while other locations do. Quite a few of my locations are empty when I know there are members in the area I’ve seen previously. Why are so many areas coming up blank and other area’s aren’t whether they have active sits available or not? Originally, they all showed sits which was helpful in reviewing to annotate Favorites for future notification. And now nothing comes up. Why?

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Putting it here cause it’s kinda related… my complaint about Saved Searches is that you’re only allowed 3. What the heck? I can’t save any more unless I delete one. What’s the value in that?

Are you on the Basic plan? Maybe that’s why you’re limited. I’m on the middle -level plan and I’ve had unlimited searches so far.

@ABGM you have 10 on the app, if that helps. And they can be different to the 3 on the website, I think. @pietkuip is up on the fine details if he wants to chime in.

I have premium membership and use the website for saved searches and am now up to 13 of them. I haven’t yet hit whatever the limit is.

@Maggie8K 50 even though it’s meant to be unlimited. There’s a thread somewhere about it. @pietkuip can probably locate it.

Wow, that’s more than I’ll ever need. Thanks, @Timshazz!

It’s meant to be unlimited.

Yes, that is for Basic sitters in the web interface. But if you want to cover several countries, you can do a map search and save that.

@Maggie8K Premium sitters have a limit of 50 in the web interface. (The add says “unlimited” but that is not true. And it is not instant either, there is a delay of up to one hour.)

Basic sitters have a limit of 10 in the app. Those are different, they generate notifications in your phone. And it seems there is a radius of about 50 km that I don’t see how one could change. Very annoying.

Thanks. I’m already trying to resist applying for more sits this year, but am tempted by the email notifications every day, LOL. Fifty alerts would overwhelm me, like a kid in a sweets shop.

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Lol. I have over 4000 favourites. I’m very good at ‘swipe left!’ But better to know what’s available we might like than not.

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When I set my profile up and said no to cats as I am allergic to them but any other pet is completely fine. However i still get sent sits in my saved searches that have cats to sit, have I done something wrong?

A delay of one hour!!! That’s a surprise … not a good one! Something strange happening!

If you just picked an area and dates, then you might get cats. If you go into the search page, and check/uncheck all the boxes in the search filters to exclude cats, and then save that search, that should work? If that’s what you’ve already done, then I don’t know.

I guess I’m on the basic plan. I didn’t know there was a “premium” other than a combined sitter/owner option. Or is that it?
Anyway, saved searches on the app that I can’t go through on a larger computer screen aren’t really useful to me. For the moment, I need functional map searches that are more than 2" square.

Is there some reason you can’t use the pets filter to set up a search? Or have you done that and it’s not filtering correctly? If so, you can let membership services know, so the tech folks can check out, though it’s not necessarily something they’ll prioritize.

No I set up and saved my searches when I set up my profile and have checked that the cat box remains un checked but they are still popping up.
Not a huge drama as I just ignore them but if there is a solution i would love to hear it.