Saved Searches limited reached?

I am trying to save a new search area into my saved searches, It just keeps coming up with a message that I have reached my limit, I have deleted 3 searches
already to see if that was the problem. I have refreshed, I have logged out and logged back in, it still keeps telling me I have reached my limit.
Any help please?

Hi @Manda I am so sorry for your frustration.

Just to explain a little further as to how the saved search function works:

You can now get emails and notifications via the Saved search feature. This is a relatively new feature and works very well and can be very specific to your Search.

On the classic membership plan, you can save up to 3 saved searches on the website and if you do operate with our app, you can save up to 10 saved searches. However, you will be able to view all saved searched when you log in (App & Website). You can at any point delete any of your saved searches should you not wish to receive these anymore.

With Standard or Premium membership, you have unlimited saved searches.

All saved searches on the website generate a daily alert, which usually comes through at the end of the day. However, do bear in mind that if the criteria for specific dates is very specific, you may only get an email when a new listing is posted in that location and for those dates. So these may not come through each day.

All saved searches that you create on the App will generate instant alerts which come through on your phone. On the App, you can also use the filter for dates, etc.

When you look at the app and the website, you should see all the saved searches.

I hope this helps to give a little more clarity.
Kind regards Therese


Thanks so much.
I tried on the App and was able to update my searches.

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I’m not sure that I understand the advantages of the Saved Search feature.
Question: Will I be missing out on any sit listings if I choose not to use this new feature? I have been simply logging on to TH and looking down the list of sits. I do this almost every day and also several times per day. The “Where would you like to go” search space at the top of the screen will give me a specific place.

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Hi @lmhale In your case, I think if you logging into the website several times a day to check on new listings, you probably don’t need to do saved searches. The benefit of the saved search would be for people who can’t/don’t log on every day and also works well if you travelling, whilst you are in and out of wifi. Those emails/notifications become important so sitters don’t miss out on their specific saved searches.
I would like to suggest that you perhaps add some listings you like or some you missed in the past as Favourites. When the homeowner puts up new dates, you will be immediately notified.

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