Save search for different parts of the world

Hello, are any of you for example Digital Nomads and have working approaches to save searches for suitable sits worldwide, but separated by different areas of the world?

If I understand it correctly, you can only filter by country, region (within a country) and city and as you can only save 10 different searches, this is not sufficient to see on a first glance in a notification about an otherwise fitting sit, from which part of the world the offer is coming from.

So if I cannot create and save searches for more than 20 countries, I would at least be able to save searches for example for Europe, North America, South East Asia, Latin America, Oceania, … just to give an idea.

Is there any workaround for that? Maybe some third-party tool to make use of?

Hi @RogerMiller

I wanted to mention, that Standard and Premier memberships do have unlimited saved search abilities. The App would be the best place to do this for instant notifications.

There are currently no available searches for continents, however if you go to the website … put in anywhere, expand the map to cover a larger area, and then save this search, you should receive a daily email that incorporates any new listings coming through.

There has been a lot of discussion around saved searches on the forum. You can use your spy glass to do a search.

A couple of threads that comes to mind are:

The tech team are constantly working to improve the functionality of saved searches.

Thanks for the information, I wasn‘t aware, that an upgrade allows unlimited saved searches. So in this case, that would solve the question, as I will even be able to create a saved search for 200 individual countries to know immediately, where it is coming from, correct?

The workaround to filter for the visible map section wouldn‘t be my preferred procedure as the rectangular area often either leaves big parts of a certain area out or includes big parts of completely different areas.

I have one other question about searches in general, which I always find extremely annoying:
Is there any workaround to filter for results, that START within a certain period of time as filtering for general dates only returns results, that also end within the chosen period of time?
Or how would I be able to get a list of sits, that start for example around the 1st of August and are at least 1 month or longer? If I set the „Date to“ field in this case to close to for example mid of September, I‘m missing sits, that start at beginning of August but are longer than 6 weeks. And if I set the „Date to“ field far out to for example end of October, I‘m getting results, that only start at the end of September.
So how can I filter for sits, that start around a certain date, independently of the date they end?

@RogerMiller Great additional question! At the moment the only way to filter for saved searches is to put a location, then a start date and an end date and then set the duration filter, in your example for 1 month.
This will show you all available sits that are 1 month plus that start and end somewhere between those dates.

If you are looking at sits that start in August then setting your start date to the 1st of August and the end date later in the year will make sure you catch any that are a month plus long and start in August, you will as you mentioned get other sits that are a month long and then start later in the year, but this is the best way to view all of those month-long sits starting in August.

There is a suggestions list where you can add asking about a feature that just shows all sits with the same start date:

There have been other suggestions here like having a 3-month duration filter etc, so please have a look and add any suggestions to the list.